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Question. How did he do? Okay. So here's the thing about Joe Brown. This is why I think you like him so much. Oh, it's a really great quarterback that just plays hockey team. So he's like your deck Prescott your a bitch. I thought you were like the light bulb in my head went off last night when I was watching it. I was like, well, he's a good little quarterback like Dak Prescott. He just plays for no wonder Jasmine likes them so much. By the way, I have you know you Optimus Prime Don the word shity so it cut out on you said shity team. That's all right. I show you going to say that we were going to like look we could be an item now. I'm just disappointed. Oh, I'm sorry. Now he's to you guys wouldn't match very well. He's back to blonde hair doughy eyed, you know, he still has his dreams and happiness. I was just that his way too innocent for you. You know, you just strip him of all of it off. I would fare. I tend to do this with all men though. Let's be real I tend to slowly take away their hopes dreams, you know their desk for Life their happiness any kind of happiness life. It's it's what I do to all the men that are in my life. Okay, so so that's your analysis which fuck off so that's no that's my analysis regards to jobber. Okay, my analysis in regards to the Browns. All right. Here's the thing about the Browns obj less. Always he had headlines Amy. Okay. This team has a boss ass offense page. There is no reason why they shouldn't be scoring touchdowns all the fucking time. I mean think about the players that they have Nick Chubb Fremont who both went off last night Jarvis Landry. I mean you couldn't get you can get that is a fantasy leagues dream right here, right? Yep. There is no reason why this team shouldn't be amazing because you know what their defense is really cool. Good to this team should be really competitive and making the playoffs and they're not understand now Grandma, who knows what's going to happen tell you what happened last night watching this game Baker Mayfield just he changed into a different person. Like when he like a human in a good way in a good way when he came off the field. He didn't go and sit down on the bench. He stood on the sidelines and watched his defense playing and then he I mean he rallied those guys. He was not going down to Joe burrow. I mean, you could totally he's like, there's no fucking way. This guy's going to show me up and there's no way I'm losing to the fucking bangles and you know what he totally carried his team. He really truly did stepped up it was offensive. Now if they can do that every single weekend this team is really like it has all the weapons that it takes to be a fantastic team which made me. Made me Ponder the fact that there's some teams that you just expect to lose and then there's some teams that you expect to win like the team's you expect to when you expect the steel real attacks right now. You expect the Cal you expect to win. You don't expect the Lions or the Bangles or the Browns. I mean the low-hanging fruit, you know, you don't expect those teams to win. So when they have when they have rosters long, the Browns have their own turning into a team that you they should be winning with what they have. So it sounds to me that the Browns are basically like if you're looking at it from a fantasy league point, it's the guy in league who basically cheese his way to get the best team because everybody else is internet either sucked or they were on auto draft or they forgot there was a draft right? That's the guy in the if you're equating it to a fantasy team roster birth. Okay. Number one. I liked it. You know I prematurely said shut up about the Cowboys cuz I thought you were going to say that you expect them to lose and I like that you're saying that you expect them to win because that's what you do you absolutely suck. Oh you that's what we do problem. That's where we are a we are an elite Lord team. Anyway, that's what you're going with I am. Well, I don't know the baker Mayfield is still a shitstain to me so good for him rallying his team. He's still a shitstain. I do love his Progressive commercials their home like the latest one. Yes. They are the latest one where he's like. Oh, it's getting ready to rain. Help me cover the furniture. And two guys like you mean the stance he's really good in those commercials. If you could only be as good a quarter as he is in those commercials. We would be set the dog pound would be set. Well, we are you a dog pound or now. I mean, I you know, I have a soft spot for the Browns just cuz they always lose. And ever since that movie came out draft day with Kevin Costner yet. Oh, I'm out. I'm done with you. done with you Amy. Your brown spot is showing. I know I know you know, I just I'm weird that way I don't understand it. Either it is I don't either try to figure you out every day and I just you know, I do too and since I'm like, oh I get myself today and then sometimes I'm like now he's nope don't understand myself today, but that's okay. That's most of us as well. Amy. So rest assured you're not in Company by yourself. I think it is twenty-twenty it is. Okay. Well that's sad because now Joe burrow Hollow be his name Falls 200 and two. Yeah, it does and but you know what this guy he's he's a good quarterback. He is is there he should be in his helmet I think time to get mr. Guys. Sometimes he tries to carry his offense which isn't great because then he gets pummeled by pencil like he got pummeled last night several times. Well, you sure. Why does LSU brain sure what he's trying to win? And I totally get it. But at the same time he needs careful because you know, oh, he's a starting quarterback in the NFL. Well getting them know and you just see a lot of what he was doing at LSU that worked and I think you know like every rookie has this learning curve right where you come out transition from college to the big leagues and it's like, oh, okay, it's funny cuz I was like really different style of football right? I said to Bruce last night. I'm like, surprised that they just threw this guy in the deep end. I mean they just started. Oh totally, I mean, they didn't granted he dangles. What else do they have? I'm. That's the problem. They don't have anything else but you know like places in my where to get backing up Fitzpatrick that makes sense. It makes sense for him to kind of, you know way into the NFL same thing with Dwayne Haskins, you know, he he was back up for a while until he kind of learned his name. Yeah, now Joe girl, man. They just threw him in the deep and they're like here you go, bro, you go bu. Yeah. Well, you know what gotta he is trying I mean, he's playing his ass off out there. No he is but he is and that's why I'm like super team Joe burrow like we gotta do this man. Like I'm telling you. It's the stogie. We'll do it get this guy that mean that you're a Bengals fan know how fucking no. No, I like. Oh bji in a Browns fan. I like Joe burrow Ina Bengals fan, you know, I will always bleed silver and blue Amy. That's the only color I would leave home. Anyway, let's move on to the Chiefs. Okay, love us and Pat Mahomes you love some Andy Reid do that cheaper mofo back, right? So Andy Reid's big old windshield mask that he had on. When was it last week? I can't remember. Yeah. We're only in week to segregated windshield wipers. Yeah, so people were like what the hell and so like it was fogging up. You couldn't see shit, but this may be a thing. This may be a thing coming to a coach near you because off on the first Sunday of the NFL season when this happened several coaches were seen either one not wearing masks or to not wearing them properly because the mask police were out and the league is not going to stand for that. It's currently vice president of football operations. Troy Vincent issued a memo this week saying protocol requires all individuals with bench area access including coaches and members of the club medical staff to wear face coverings at all times failure to adhere this requirement will result in accountability measures being imposed against offending individuals and or clubs. However, Amy, there is no word on what those accountability measures will be so that to me that phrase is what kind of sticks out to me. What does that mean? do you do find them? Probably I mean you can look dead. Here's the thing. They're coaching on the sidelines of talking into Mike's they have to be able bird they have to be able understood. It's really hard for all of the to happen on your face plus all these guys are around each other all the time. They're all you know, I practiced together around the field. They're hitting each other all in each other's faces, you know, I mean and how many people have tested positive since the start of season one? Yeah. They did a very good 2700 players so very good job with with that right off because like you said, they've been implementing measures. They've been following the rules, you know, they've been testing a lot, you know, we got into this, you know leading into this actual season. Jeez, how many coronavirus updates that we talked about on this podcast about hey, this is what the League's doing. This is what they're making them do kind of thing. So something is clearly working. It's really great to see that that's positive news that you know that they're only seeing that wage. Chat, I think I that they should I really think they should go with a handy read mask to be quite honest can still see the coaches face. The microphone can kind of be up underneath it. So they may be able to understand what the coaches saying and and you're shielded. You know, when somebody comes up to your face, you know, I mean, think that that's fine but having to wear them like when it's just, you know covering your face in your nose again, like it's hard for me to understand people when they're wearing a mask and talking to me. Yes, I mean, so imagine imagine being on the field the quarterback coaches saying the guys in booth coordinators up in the booth are trying to understand what the guys on the field coordinators on the field are trying to say, I mean, it's just it's a it's crazy. So it's a shitshow you gotta be able to walk. You gotta be able to your job. I would take that looking like I've got the windshield of a Camry in front of my face the whole time vs Lee having something on my mouth cuz that's frustrating me. Yeah. Give me the telephone number. Windshield all day long over the you know, suffocating face masks which by the way speaking of Tesla. Did you see that their reports of some them being janky like getting like parts that were like really cheap shity on some of the Tesla's that were falling apart marvelous. I know so yet twenty-twenty doesn't happen. Just wanted to put that in there for you. All right coming up next in offsides, you know fall like we said is upon us. Although you wouldn't know here in Texas. It's still like an anus outside but here's something for your home that will make it fall feel less anus e okay Mom handles some new ones that are coming out and they're actually already out and we'll explain to you with those candles our next. All right, let's get into offsides and we've got some candles to tell you about so Amy, yeah, you know football's back. So if you want to get a little piece so that game day experience at home along with fall. This might work. Okay. I know you love candles. There's a company that's owned by Anheuser-Busch call Babe wine. They just created three football scented candles one smells like an artificial turf field. Okay one smells like a Nachos not bad and one

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