Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died


Bader Ginsburg was a force to be reckoned with. All I asked about brethren. They said. They take their feet off our necks, barely 5 FT. Tall but a liberal giant, only the second female justice named on the Supreme Court serving there for more than a quarter century. Her path to the highest court in the land was not easy. As one of the few women at Harvard Law School she faced discrimination. After graduating from Colombia in the fifties, her tenaciousness in the classroom highlighted in the Oscar nominated documentary on Ginsberg titled RBG produced by journalists Julie Cohen and Betsy West. She was one of nine women in a class of 500. She was tied for first in her class. And the Big New York City law firms just weren't hiring women, not a law firm in the entire city of New York. Did for my employment charging forward, she became a beloved law professor rockers and worked as a lawyer for the O U, She mapped out a legal strategy to file lawsuits against gender bias in employment, housing and government benefits. Man and women are persons of equal dignity and they should count. Equally before the law, You won't settle for putting Susan B. Anthony on the new dollars When they would say things like this. Haven't you respond? Well, never in anger, Mother told that's that would have been self defeating. Always as an opportunity. Teach. I didn't see myself was kind of a kindergarten teacher in those days because the judges Didn't think so. Sex discrimination existed. One of the things that tried to plant in their minds was Think about how you would like the world to be for your daughters and granddaughters. She won five landmark cases, which she argued on behalf of women in front of an all male bench long before she sat on it. Ginsberg went on to serve as an appeals court judge in the nation's capital until that life changing nomination by President Bill Clinton in 1993. I am proud to nominate for associate justice of the Supreme Court. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That announcement may never have happened had it not been for the intense lobbying effort by a staunch feminist, her husband, Marty Ginsburg, and at her confirmation hearing chaired by then Senator Joe Biden, the nominee did not shy away from her feminism spotlighting contentious topics like abortion rights. This is Something central to a woman's. Life to her dignity. It's a decision that she must make

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