Apple Announces Watch Series 6

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So there was an apple event. Will save some of the the mechanics of the apple in for a little bit later 'cause I was fourteen fourteen it's all wrapped up into that but top line had an event you heard from us last week they managed expectations around this event very carefully well carefully after the fact. The very carefully managed their post event announcement expectations. So there's going to be an IPAD and there's going to be watch in indeed there were some ipads and there are some watches the NFC apple, one service bundle they said, all the is are coming tomorrow developers freaked out. We'll talk about those and they said there's a new fourteen in the in the IPAD air. So let's start. With the watch. That's why I wanted to call on to begin with Ab. Watched your sixty or you have one I do tell us about it. Tell us tell us about your blood so I have the product red one and it is very pretty red is very I don't know rich and complex like a like a fine merlot a good. It's a good looking read and if you didn't Give me the red one and you asked me to tell between this and the series five. I would fail just straight up The screen is brighter and it's especially brighter two point five times brighter in the always on standby mode, and that's the only discernible difference unless you look specifically at the back to look at the sensors or you know specifically that the alternator is always on So, it's you on the L. Tim Eter blood, oxygen sensor, the slightly brighter screen, and there might be one other small difference that I'm forgetting though the new chip inside it's faster. What does it mean for an apple watching faster? Is like an a a very open question. So it was ironic about that is it's the only question whether it applies to android where where West watches. They all need to be faster But yeah, it's fine. So the really the the news here is the the blood oxygen sensor. It's like the big new thing everything else are like nice pip your year updates, but the blood oxygen sensor is really like the big deal here. So Nicole, you've done a little research into its potential at. I your headline was kind of like an important statement of fact, apple is marketing. It is a wellness device not as a medical device. They didn't say I thought this was really interesting way of kind of threading the needle like you might have heard about blood oxygen during all this stuff and then like closed that loop but nickel even looking into what what do you? Think about it. Yeah. So the reason that they're talking about it as long as devices because they cannot talk about it as a medical device. Clearance from the FDA to do so. So we're sort of in the spot where. Pulse ox mentors were blood oxygen sensors are in like a weird inbetween with FDA were like you can sort of have them on devices without getting clearance me FDA. But if you're trying to do some things and you have to apple has not done that for their pulse men on the watch yet but this isn't something new to this watch like Garmon has. had a pulse talks for a while that that has sort of quietly activated their feature last year and they've sort of been interesting to people for working out and getting a sense of kind of where your blood oxygen is during exercise but they've taken on a new role during the pandemic because monitoring oxygen levels is an important way to to the progression nineteen because. People can be walking and talking and have very low oxygen levels and you wouldn't necessarily know that just by looking at them, which is unusual usually like very low blood oxygen is smash with like you're gasping for breath and you can't really walk up the stairs. So that's why they've been important recently, but the with the product is on the Apple Watch is. It's not it can't be used to actually diagnosed and it shouldn't be to do. So it is more of kind of an interesting thing that you can look at, but we don't actually know like how well validated it is against sort of more standard pulse ox limiters that could be used in hospitals or kind of more medical grade devices because they haven't gone through. The process they don't have to necessarily release some of that validation information at this point.

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