Sandra Day O'Connor. Like when you got on the court as the second woman on the court. The court was


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away at the age of 87. She died from complications from pancreatic cancer. Surrounded by her family at her home in Washington. Ginsberg's 27 years in the high court were marked by notoriety, challenges and sometimes controversy. In October of last year, she sat down for an extended interview with David Rubenstein on his show peer to peer conversations. We bring you our final installment of that conversation Now Here's David Rubenstein, speaking with Roop Bater Ginsberg last year now been on the court for 26 years. And therefore total you've been on the federal tradition for 39 years. 26 years on the Supreme Court when you first got on the court, where their other justice, saying we're happy to see you here, let's go have dinner together, socialize or where they just kind of standoffish at MIT. And what was your relationship with? Sandra Day O'Connor. Like when you got on the court as the second woman on the court. The court was an unknown territory to me, and then you worked at the Court of Appeal, says few bats down the road. And and every once in a while. Judge David Bass alone who was quite senior. I would call me and and say we're going to crimes for lunch. Who was crying. I mean, was the biggest liquor distributor in the DC area. And before we went to his warehouse. We would stop in the Supreme Court and pick up gets his Brennan and just life. I knew Justice Scalia. Court of Appeals days together. I knew Justice Clarence Thomas. It was also on the D C circuit. Sander. Was as close as I came. You're having a big sister. I did have a big sister. But She died in my infancy, so I never knew Justice O'Connor was The most welcoming Gave me some very good advice. Not only when I was a new justice. During my first chance about Because justice so far ahead. Breast cancer. She was on the bench. Nine days after her cancer surgery. So she was very clear about what I had to do, she said. Group You have you chemotherapy on Friday. That way you'll get over it during the weekend, you could be back. No. The best way to win a case If you're arguing won before the Supreme Court is to write a great brief, too right? Hey, to be a great world advocate does it. The poor argument really make a difference or the brief really make a difference or what's the best way to win occasion of Supreme Court? Somebody who might want to argue a case. Do you have a case? It's strong on the marriage. No at the court is not a debate. I'm saying the two components paella that you could see. The brief is by far the most important it's when we start with And what we end up with when we go back to chambers along, women is fleeting. Now the court meets from October to June, more or less. So what? The justices due in July and August today sit around reading brief. Sure they do other things. One businesses follows us all over the world. Throughout the is the death penalty business, which the court treats like a firing squad.

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