Apple unveils new iPad, Apple Watch, & Fitness+ service


Right? Or yesterday or whatever day they're announcing. They've got a whole bunch of new announcements aboutthe watch on iPad all sorts of stuff. Tell us about it. Yeah. Yeah, And this is actually just one of three big sets of announcement will be coming up with this fall in this manner. Yesterday they talk. They unveiled a brand to bringing versions of the iPad. A very good update to the Apple Watch on also a whole bunch of new services, but they're bundling together, including sort of Saletan style. Get your Get your fitness fitness workout through your television set while Malo actual people of work your way through what's going on. Right. How does what How does that work so to speak, he said. What appears on the screen. Yeah, it's called Apple Fitness Plus and and they have, like real top to your fitness instructors that are walking you through actual workout today, and some of them are recorded. Some of them are alive. But the really interesting part of that. Is that while you don't mean an apple watch in order to use this you if you have another watch and you're wearing it will it will Hey, actually guys, show you I'm on on my way the screen to the arcade here is what the heart right rate now is your one again. other data. And if they say Oh, for he fitness knows that instructor says, Okay, and now we're going to going for cardio. So we're looking he's for a target going of to 140. the arcade. Get it? It knows that What and is we'll say it? Okay, we're going to make your heart Pinball rate wizard. thing on That's the screen. exactly Much, much right. bigger. Here we It go. just Let's hear makes it. it there. OK, I will not tell any secrets by saying I'm not really all that interested in exercising. Give Not them me something about sure that sort can of new make and the gadget. pinball. He can make That's it more why he's going more to the involving arcade. And Uh, this is the sort things as well to make me want to jump up and down Oh, my living God. room. Here we go. You know, every day that's like virtual The can exercising. of worms You has know, officially Israel exercising been and opened. you buy like a No, your calendars. ah, 9 a 16, stationary about bike or six o'clock. a treadmill. Uh, Then thanks you can hang for playing. your laundry We've on got it. for You can't you handle $50 laundry gift certificate on an Apple from builders Watch. supply outlets. Uh, There's so much more than kitchen what? cabinets and open for business What go about? to build You their know, supply I gotta go. outlet Okay. dot I'm com just going for to their news the store hours. the pad. The iPad We'll take a break doesn't get and bigger the news on 7 now is 20 a bigger w GM. because it seems Hi. This to me is it's Jay almost foreigner getting to CEO be the same size of Rocket is a Mortgage small laptop. Making the right financial decisions Well, has never been more that's important. not a mistake. We can help guide you Now to those right they decisions have now to when redo they conversions matter most of the mortgage iPad. rates are This near is historic the middle of lows. the road version that called the iPad air. But the big deal here is that it's always been sort of the, uh so called, like the two of the Corolla of the iPad lines, the one that's most sensible for most people, and it's affordable. So this is the Send first time they've right given now it could a really be a big great redesigned time for to you give to take it some a positive lot of the style financial and steps a lot forward of the features. with a cash Of out the more expensive refinance iPad from rocket Pro mortgage, line, which so could it give doesn't you say the boost it is a bigger that screen you're looking 10.9 for. inches, In addition, we But may be the able to help you big refinance deal about this with little is that or no they've out made of pocket like the costs gap between at rocket the screen mortgage. and the edge We're committed of the device to smaller, every client so every it's time really is no the exceptions, same size device, no excuses, but they've put a bigger screen giving you in the it best in a much higher mortgage quality, experience. spring four k Call us or today something at 8338 like that, right? I mean, rocket it's or go the to rocket mortgage dot the com resolution. To learn more rate started to change 1.75% It's pretty big 2023 feed receive this is coming. Great 60 call for by cost information 16 conditions, 40. equal housing But lender the lessons in all big 50 deal States is and that MLS number it 30 has 30. what's called a very It's wide Bob. Suraj. colored, dammit. I didn't want So on a 9 a cheaper to 5 screen, job, like So what you I'm get here. on those 5 $50 to 9. tablets you get from See Amazon. you in the morning. If you're watching a movie is like half the screen is black. Because right there you guys like really beeper is on these on this screen. It It's can show such a wide range of colors. But when you're watching a movie, especially in HDR It looks much more natural when you read it. When you're looking at photos will give you will show you the photo as good as it was taken not. Oh, well, We're just going to try to do his best. We can to give you a lame cutdown version of it because our screen cost cost like gold dollars per unit. So the Apple Watch is seeing a couple of upgrades or price adjustment. So there's a watch Six. I believe a watch s ee. What's the story with the Yeah, They've got too much to models every year, they updated and once again they they've added some really huge features on the series six, which is their main line open. Spend $300 for it. Watch. They've added blood oxygen sensors to it. So it has basically as you're wearing it, a Chinese light that shines light and You three or screen for your skin and incentive, the color of your blood and the blood. Yeah, so and works as ah, of course, better than the production centers, a lot of a spot for the covert epidemic but the really cool things, But the apple other companies will add these beach at features to fitness watch, But it's just sort of a feature. Apple did such a great job of integrating with everything else. So this blood oxygen center? Yes, you can. You can decide. Hey, please tell me what my blocks in saturation levels right now. But it will also just keep sensing it is, of course, the day so if there's any alarming sort of a change, it will give you an alert saying, Hey, this is unusual even works as you're sleeping. So s so if for whatever reason, you're part stops putting your heart your lungs stops putting oxygen in your bloodstream at the rate that would be considered compatible human life. They consent that and say Here's an incident that happened last night. I don't know you should probably it won't get won't give you medical advice, but It is a piece of data that might move you from. You know what? I really have been having really terrible sleep Well at night at night after night after night. Maybe I should have got it. I've got a check up with my doctor in a couple of weeks. Maybe I should bring this up course The Boche will provide the doctor with all the data of what it was. It's been observing. Well, thanks for being with us. I just want to go back to one thing that you said is we wrap it up here. You said that the watch shines a light into your skin. Yes, well, we know that the purest courses pretty translucent. So if that's the way it doesn't that's AH along Go. I won't tell you too long here, but that's one of the interesting sort of limitations of these business watches. But of course, it can't do anything that sort of breaks. The skin on DH presents one of the holy grails of fitness watches. Being able to take lunch, blood sugar readings or two and do stuff like that. But unfortunately, there has been some experimentation that way, but there's no way to do it. But with blood oxygen, they found ways around it that again. They're not taking obviously not taking a blood draw, which is the most most efficient way of doing it. But it's good enough and the science is solid enough. For the purposes of this fitness, But you can tell you particularly when you're exercising. Yes. You're reaching the blood of your reaching the blood levels. So the action levels you're supposed to be targeting. As you're working out. You're getting healthier and healthy as it goes. Well, thank you, Andy. I really appreciated. You know, I'm sort of behind the curve on all this technical stuff and you've explained it, Even I can understand it Amazing. Thanks. And thanks to him every day you do You know what? It just struck me, though. The

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