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News Compromise Proposal for a covert relief bill appears to be hitting a road block. Fox's Jared Helper is live on the Hill. The House speaker Nancy Pelosi, is not endorsing a scaled down Corona Virus Relief Act. It's proposed by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. We have compromised. We came down the trillion dollars. We asked them to go up a trillion dollars. Instead, they went down. Pelosi says it's hard to see going lower than the more than $2 Trillion. In Kobe related relief she's proposing Senate Republican proposal would have spent about half a trillion dollars focused on testing, reopening schools and small business loans. The bipartisan problem solvers caucus made up of 25, Democrats and 25. Republicans have outlined a $1.5 trillion proposal they say would fund the pandemic for 6 to 12 months. Lisa Thanks, Jarod. More warnings about election interference. Fox's Rachel Sutherland has this live Lisa. Russia is trying to denigrate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden ahead of the November election, according to FBI Director Christopher A. Through what I would call more than malign foreign influence a side of things. Social media use of Of proxies, state media online journals, Ray told the House Homeland Security Committee. The FBI's not the truth, police, saying the agency warns social media companies about threats where he also said he's concerned a steady drumbeat of misinformation could lead to a lack of confidence in the election process. Lisa. Thanks, Rachel in Alabama said it was a record breaking rain and flooding and then Governor Kay Ivey says it could take a few days to know the full extent of the devastation. At least one death from the storm reported in Alabama, another in Atlanta, where a tree fell on a house. Flooding concerns persist in Alabama and into the Florida

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