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19. CDC director Dr Robert Redfield told a Senate hearing yesterday that face masks are the best defense against Corona virus. I might even go so far as to say that this face mask Is more guaranteed to protect me. Against Koven. Then when I take the Koven vaccine, Redfield also talked about a time line for a vaccine that stretches into 2021. But later President Trump said right field misunderstood the question and was confused when he said it. I believe he was confused. I'm just telling you were ready to go as soon as the vaccine have after the president spoke right field tweeted that face masks are the best defense right now against covert 19. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says President Trump is still not accepting responsibility for the response to the ongoing outbreak. Donald Trump insists that he wouldn't have done anything different. Not one thing, Biden says A comprehensive distribution plan for vaccine must be nailed down. Before that vaccine is approved. Children of color are dying from Cove in 19 at higher rates. The CDC looked at more than 391,000 cases among kids and young adults under the age of 21. Only 121 cases were deadly, but just 17 of them were white. That's compared to 35 deaths of black Children and 50 for Hispanic deaths. The CDC is pointing to social disparities such as crowded living conditions, food and housing and security, wealth and education gaps and racial discrimination. Governor Pritzker is asking the state Board of elections to take advantage of a $4 million grant to help with the November election there two major issues that have come up due to the pandemic. A shortage of election judges and an increase in vote by mail develop an emergency grant program that will further subsidized and incentivize the use of drop boxes. We'll support local efforts to recruit election judges and address other challenges confronting some of the

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