Uh, 12 season kicks off


This week. If you're interested, The Dewberry more show debuted yesterday across the country. The actress thinks this is the right time for her show to be a bit different than some of the other daytime programmes, she told The New York Post. There's really an opportunity for innovation. Right now. The rule book is on fire when you think things may not happen. You take different risks when unprecedented times forced you to think outside the box. All right. It seems like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry continue to be a thing of the past Their feud. Rather, Taylor sent Katie's daughter, Daisy, a hand embroidered blanket that reads Baby Bloom and Katie showed off the creation on her Instagram, a saying that she hopes her daughter drags this blanket around for years until it becomes unrecognizable. A shred that she keeps in her pocket is a teenager.

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