Are your employees coping with this ok?


Are For this week's episode Arnold talking about something called terror management theory. Is a social psychology theory created more than thirty years ago by Professor Jeff Greenberg at the University of Arizona it basically says that when facing our own mortality, we've human beings attempt to eliminate the associated feelings of terror by doubling down on the values. We already hold specifically the ones that had meaning to our lives and by investing in people who seem to subscribe to those same values. Great so is on a leadership podcast. Will. Because over the last six months covid nineteen is forced millions of us to face our on mortality. And ERTA lesson those feelings of dread. Every one of US subconsciously is doing things that allow us to feel like we're valuable contributors to a meaningful world. After. All. If I'm an important worker, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a scientist, a doctor apparent. I'm much more capable of believing that some part of me will carry on after death that might impact might be enduring. Because of Corona virus were reminded of death all the time. This will react in ways that support the values we already hold dear and will gravitate towards leaders whose actions appear to support those values to. It also means people who already have a difficult time believing they contribute value to a meaningful world or even though we live in a meeting for wall to begin with are likely struggling. The more people struggle with this, the less likely to be successful at mitigating those feelings of terror and the more likely they are to interpret difficult but manageable situations, tasks and responsibilities as overwhelming. These people will also need to assign blame and because assigning blame to the cause of their actual fears isn't really helpful. They'll find people to blame for the frustrations they experience in those overwhelming situations, tasks and responsibilities think about your current group of direct reports I bet there's one or two of fit this bill. By turning on the news, we can see the negative impact of this phenomenon on the growing political divide in America but not taking into account can also undermine your ability to lead support develop your team. If your leader a people and what you're hearing now is resonating with you. The first thing to do is really understand that everyone deals with mortality differently and should try to meet your people where they are rather than having the same expectations of their grit as you did a year ago. And I think people should be let off the hook for the expectations of their job when people have a job to do the expectations to get done are perfectly appropriate even during a pandemic. But I'm saying is that some people who were able to move through challenges with easy year-ago might need a bit more compassion now and leaders who provide it will have the teams who bounced back the quickest months. The fears truly gone.

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