Trump stand on the Chinese Communist Party. Folks.


They've been waging an economic war against the United States. They have been challenging us in global bodies and for influence in the global institutions. That we're particularly and still aren't particularly influential. They've been engaged in infiltrating many U. S based institutions, including academia. Getting ah, private sector science in biotechnology and other companies. We've been engaged in this vast expansion of their influence in the South China Sea, one of the most strategic waterways in the world. And they have put together under Ji Jin Ping, a global plan that seeks to displace us as the world's economic and political Leader Now this won't be the first time. Obviously, that we faced a foreign regime that thought that what's dangerous here is that before President Trump, who has been speaking very objectively, and I think correctly About China for a long time long before he entered politics. We've had a series of presidents who have been completely oblivious to this threat, and I don't think there's any administration that was more oblivious to it.

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