World hunger problem can be overcome: UN envoy

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As one of Africa's foremost thought leaders and a powerful advocate for agricultural reform Agnes Kalibata is responsible for running the first ever UN food system summit in an interview with Common Lennon from you a news Miss Calcutta, the secretary general's own void for the event outlines the ways that food systems negatively impacting the world, and how she plans to use the summit to address these problems she began by knowledge that the term food systems is not widely understood and explain why it's important to tackle. The Issue Foods Seems Pretty Complex I. I personally did not understand the the whole complexity and breadth and. Depth. For. Systems until I started engaging on this, there's a tendency that. Across. The different areas that constitute food systems we each look at the areas that impact us the most I'm from an agriculture sector perspective. So I look at how we produce food and I focus a lot on on how would produce help boxes food but there's so many other perspectives of food systems we to produce food we used a environment and and this definitely environmental perspective one but. To to consume food, it goes through several stages several of puth several things happen this whole complexity of issues around food systems from how produce it to how we move it around detail it tall with techy to the folk at the to the table. And and how influence how think about all that? There's a whole lot of. Influencing the also INS in the food system arena with regards to to to how again how food is produced how is moved reaches the table that impact. So a behavior that impacts how we think that impacts our culture. Food Systems extremely complex. It's about people's beliefs. It's about People's cultures, but it's also about life and how we leave and so so about how interact with the environment and I think how interact with the environment is probably. The most important. Part of what has gotten us in this conversation, how we interact with the environment has resulted in a security from from a food production, assist him in impacting two things in impacting our climate. So because we do contribute to emissions but also in impacting by diversity and how diversity walks for us all and yet we know that they've they've versity besides having the rich life itself. We it's something that we need to be able to to live a full life. So those are two parts of impacting the environment, but there's there's another perspective of food systems are also impacting our health one in every three. People this. The let the biggest cause of today is is how eat the type of food we eat is on nutrition we still have. About six, hundred, one, thousand, nine, hundred people to. That even amidst the plenty because we do have a lot of food in this world. The plenty a still going hungry. And, then there's this whole challenge around. The fact that I talked about that, we have so much food being produced to the extent that one trillion dollars worth of food western every one trillion dollars worth of food. So so meaning, we could actually feed the people that are going hungry or with how much we stink. So that is another perspective and then I talked about the issue of equitable neighborhoods and access to food, and then the issue of just ensuring that we have resilience in food systems so that we don't have challenges as we've seen with COVID data result of. Our. Our reaching. Overreaching inability to to access food that ends up gritting what sorts of other problems. So in a nutshell. We have those challenges but I think the most important part of our food system, which is the reason we are having different systems summit. The most important part of all that is recognizing the. Despite what we able to do we are awestruck in all the digital set out the top to do with food systems whether it is reducing poverty. Or whether it is reducing hunger or were they tease nutrition and how nutrition for us whether it is how impacting our environment reducing West The the perspectives of our food system, that I'm putting impacted by this digits not working with and in many cases are truck. So so the whole complexity of all these things being of truck is really what lead to. The secretary general last year calling for Food System Summit Thou be able to look at the challenges that the summit. The I mean the food system is presenting, but also the opportunities that the food system does present if we if we choose to look at it from a different angle, and if we choose to do different things and this summit is really about helping US Open the world governing action and helping people choose to do things differently what for you a successful food system summit like? A successful food summit with first of all governor is all the people that we are looking to engage because a food system summit in each and every one of us. So for me, I see our ability to rich and NIA and be able to mobilize mobilize cautiousness around what is broken in our food system, and how often system should change would be point number one, govern ising energy, and stressed. in you will looking at food system. So that would be point number one. How would we mobilize or wild to cut our food system number two would be. Recognized that we are off truck, how will we set ourselves doucet ambitions for ourselves to do things differently, the number of areas where action has already been defined with look at parties. When you could digits most of the things I've already been defined. The question is we off truck. The question is we are not on missions and not much ink or our actions are not much inclined to have laid out to do. So the For me success would be that we raise the on Bishen too much what we have laid out as what we wanted to see we know what wants to see, but we are not raising mission high enough to be. Able to come through those things. So number three is that we when we do have some commitments around, we can do to raise those ambitions to the that will transform our food system to new type of system. So for me, those would be the probably the three most important things. As you say, there is enough food for everyone, but people are still starving the environment is still being damaged. How is this failing system evolved? We've we've built excesses within insisting that we probably don't need that for me that would be point number one again, I talked about the amount of westward within our system. Do we have to have that type of West? We've designed a food systems in ways that are not responding to what we need as people. Is it possible to step back and escort sims? What do we really need and how focus but we need more than what is good to have? So we already have the good thing is have that knowledge would did have a not a lot of knowledge are around what is good for us and what is good for environment also have a lot of merger on what we are doing wrong and also have a lot of noted including technologies around what to do differently. That's why talk about ambition that's why I took about committing to that ambition. So what we need, it's what we need to do is not rocket science. What we need to do mostly is about. Galvanizing mobilizing their level. Of Energy into our systems and red level of interest but also the right level of political commitments from within our countries where we need to do that. And but also one shouldn't forget is mobilizing the right level of engagement for more private sector because food systems. Much as impacts all of us, we also a different players in different places at different times, and we have a whole lot of of players that do do engaging in different places and the interest change and their willingness to change and their willingness to work with all of us to find the right pieces of the food system that should be going forward. When we agree on what needs to be abandoned is but is some is as much a public good as it is a private sector thing that must all come around around. An unreadable together and yes, it's true. We have a central group that is working to help us understand the evidence of where we need to be going and what we need to be taking forward. And these people are galvanizing. Evidence from one of the world and they're looking at a tweet has been working in different places and they're looking at what what would work for where we are going. So we are going to build a lot of Of what we take forward on on the evidence that the central could group that has been put together will provide for us as as what constitutes what going forward looks like what leap what what we leave behind looks like. So we are going to to really depend a lot on what descent sense group is going to tell us. Do you think it's going to be difficult few to hold together the

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