What's new for TV, Movies And Video Games This Week


Hello everyone and welcome. It is the Gui recap. It's a recap of all the things that are going to have the week of September seventeen, twenty, twenty before it happens. My name is Bruce and let's get started with the Gui pick of the week. I'M GONNA go with Superman Man of tomorrow comes out on DVD and Blu Ray this week This is yet another year one slash origin story of the man of steel like we really need. One of those does anybody not know how Superman got his powers and who he is and Blah Blah Blah seriously. Are Right for TV pages on Monday ABC has the bachelor's greatest seasons ever finale NBC has the Premiere of American Ninja Warrior and Nat go has the premiere of life below zero for Tuesday ABC has a finale of what would you do? For Wednesday CBS as forty eight hours suspicion that's a premier. For Thursday ABC has the finale of Holy Moly and NBC has the NFL Twenty Twenty season begins with the Houston Texas taking on the Kansas City chiefs. Thankfully, some amount of normalcy is coming back. We've got football. Art for Friday, paramount network has built tour MMA live Saturday. CBS as the premiere of forty eight hours and. Has. The premiere of birds of prey and Sunday CW has the finale of fridge wars. For movies coming out this week you have the broken heart gallery This is the film about a young woman living in New York. City, who after being dumped decides to start a gallery where people can leave trinkets from pass relationships or for the items of love has left behind Oh whatever for DVD's like I said, you've got Superman man of tomorrow and first cow. For On Line Services Net flicks you have so much love to give get organized with home edit season one la- Alina shadow of narcos season one, the social dilemma. Julie and the phantoms season one, duchess season one and family business season to Hulu you have the premiere of woke season one for video games you have kingdoms of Millar re reckoning for the PS four, xbox one and P C.

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