Jay Beever, Embraer, and Designing Luxury


Jay. You're an interesting guy because your proof that talent and innovation can cross pollinate different professional fields. But let's start at the beginning talk about cars. Where'd you start such a fun story? I. Think there is something that can benefit a lot of people because sometimes we have a mentality that we can't do something if we're not trained or degreed in a certain skill set in that regard I always had a dream of being a car designer automotive designer it started because of my own Ed Richter and his wife k they own studebaker. Rare student bakers like the Rock, any Newt Rodney the famous Nordic football coach and that particular studebaker in thirty two and thirty three head a version with a rumble seat. The back of the seat would open up and you can sit back there. Well, he owns one original condition. They still drive it to this day and I remember as a child going to their home and peaking in the garage and not only was the rock. Ni there. But hiding around the corner three cars wide a commander in another student bigger from thirty three in disheveled but yet al capone gangster looking. Need to be restored in the Shadows Bee's, and it was inspiring and he has since restored that commanders well, beautiful cars that led to a journey of understanding Raymond lowy and his influence with the star liner and and everything else that he did outside of automotive everything from the coke bottle two steamships, the example of cross industry designed capability, and how they can learn from each other. So those automobiles and being so enthralled with the shapes and forms and the mysterious nature of them. Of course, because they are stuck in a garage was always a thrill being in the big three capital. Detroit suburbs knowing some ankles at work for the car companies and my mother worked for crain communications and she was a key line artists which was related graphic design page layout for making magazines back before digital publishing back when we had use razor blades and wax I've got some razor blades stories she would come home that's the articles in the early days of graphic storytelling, pie charts, and that stuff before the Mac really did it well, for us I got to watch all that and it was all related automotive interesting thing was like billing model airplanes World War Two model airplanes. Give me a B seventeen, b twenty, nine, b twenty, four I would recommend them get another kit and build it again, sometimes melt holes in the side of the single to a bottom of. So aerospace was like the carnal thing inside waiting to come out, but it was going to be cars. So I did I ended up in the car business I used to take my mom's take from those key lining page layout days with exacto blades in Pinstripe, my nine hundred and fifty seven Chevy matchbox car, and that was six years old playing with exacto blades if you can imagine that. Better than matches I guess. But maybe not much. Those, always stayed with me. So from graphics, you can make something look different to designing a car. All of this is really about transportation design being thrilled with things that move. So that was kind of the start of it, but I couldn't afford Zion College I would have loved to have gone to CCS, I spent a couple of summer classes in graphic in other types of designs like pottery, Constanza, pottery as. A kid but it's learning POW powdery Auto Detroit on the why am I being exposed to this? But then there's incredible community college in mccomb county they're outside Detroit and they had a great drafting program. My opportunity to get into the big three was through drafting go. This is great. Fell in love with in high school, and now I can have a career doing this. So went into drafting CAD design hired. At Ford, Motor Company in Nineteen ninety-three as an intern doing cad purity aided design drafting and three D. modelling, and that's when that stuff was really just coming on board it used to be guys had to draw. So you were at the forefront of that new technology in many ways going back to the drawing real quick I think the thing that helps the most even to this day is understanding what A. French curve can do and a large spine. One of my projects at the college was to create an body car, GM car body side, and three different views, projecting the points in three different orthographic views and make the arc continuously perfectly smooth accelerated curves were necessary in all of us so that you could inevitably put that on aluminum plates that was a hard way to go but it was fun. So then. We get into Ford and they had their own homegrown computer system called the PG S and that was done on these lundy tubes that were tube TV's really with light pens and we stroke the light pens on the screen and rotate things around, and there's a little keyboard tracking our time talk about ours disappear quickly when you're building things I couldn't have thought I could of ended in a better career exam. Making something from nothing into three D. and having it show up on the road someday. So I really liked that approach to design design engineering though I hadn't had the opportunity to actual industrial designer transportation design school like you'd find in Pasadena Arts Center or

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