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Welcome to fat Mascara I am Jess Hi. With and. Blew out everybody's ears sorry about that. I'm very excited. You're excited because honestly we're recording this little bit early you're listening to this. Holy. Cow, it is August. That's right. It's August this. Time in twenty twenty is the weirdest thing. It's like I. IT still feels like February February went forever. Then all of a sudden it was August and yet. I don't know there's like none of those markers like didn't see your mom for mother's Day like don't go away for this birthday and so like. It's faster yet slower. It's the weirdest remembers I remember sitting in bad in like March and being like Jeff do think this whole quarantine thing could go onto like a bro like asking just like totally well I remember you asking me that too yeah and I was like. Yeah. I also can't believe since you're lake was born since February. I've literally seen you in person only wants it once or twice I saw you on the street. Yeah. I didn't see each other again. Because I see you so often, but I see you on the show will me I I think this is our lives. Now this is this but this is so sad it can't be like this. It can't be like this. I know I know well, for people who enjoy summer, which isn't Jessen I might alright bringing the rest on your summer like happy August to you for everybody else who just really hot and sweaty right now we're getting through it. We're just getting. Some are in the city. I always have that like hot Tom Summer in the city song every time like go outside just like feet pounding the pavement. Yeah, and then it just slows down into like a milky. As Long. As. Low a nineteen seventies like cast over everything just like doom and gloom summer of Sam the seriously it's not fun right now anyway, let's bring the phone. Let's bring the levity. Bring the joy. What do we got this week? Let me tell you. We've got the headlines. We've got men wearing makeup. Okay. I'm very excited about this trend I feel like we report on this like every six months but I feel like there's always a tweak there's always a new span. There's always a new angle can't wait to talk about this and we are going to answer a listener's question about behind the scenes at fat Mascara how the sausage gets made, and of course, we're GONNA raise wand all that well done Jeff I'm excited about this show you ready to do it. Let's get hot town in the city. than. Them doing the news. Virtually, from my vacation just kidding I'm recording the Ireland I should've said. Before we're doing an early not early in the morning earlier than we would because janitors going on vacation. That's how much we love you. Instead of US being L., we're going to take a week off. Oh No, we've recorded double that episode for you. So if some huge news comes out at the end of August and it is not including this, you cannot blame me I was just thinking like watch oprah like surprise drop beyond style like a makeup line like Oprah's makeup line and we don't talk about it like every facet like off their game it's because I'm recording early just so you know. Okay. So remember last week when we talk about Clare Sonic Failing Jason, you're like, well, they're no dummies all those people are going to be. You know they'll find something to work on. Well, did they ever? So Dr, Rob We've both interviewed I know. He actually left the company before it closed and started up this brand called Oculus and so this is where all the technology's going. It's launching in the fall. It's basically like you know a courage coffeemaker. It's like that for skin care. So I, gotTa look at it. It's a little like device you putting these pods. K Cups of care and it mixes together the pod that you want and squirts out a fresh batch just one application of your skincare.

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