TWiG 571: The First Rule of Pixel Club - Tik Tok+Microsoft+Trump, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked - burst 39


A have an obligation. To help. Well, first of all, we gotta do Carson's mask of the week which one you want me to do Karston. this is a three D. printed mask with filters. This is from FC. Carson. Has a little bit of a dystopia and bent to him. Really. Basically, a pain mask I don't think I really WANNA wear it but a small child wearing the traditional plague math play plague masks he made us. Masks yeah. Yeah. Well, here's a shot of karston. Wearing the mask. Got It. What is I don't want there as you get payroll, Jesus goes well with a bow bowtie Carson. He looks like the front end of a truck. So. I think that's a cool complement. You like the front end of a truck. Truck. Sure. Like. Up in your grill. On the hood and then Carson, we were talking about Zach. This is his. This is his college fund. So it's a it's an interesting story. You may remember those of you watching twit on Sunday Briana was on and said tomorrow morning get up early eight am because analogue is going to sell the analog pocket, which is a really interesting game boy I wanNA say emulator but it's not FBGA's. To, run game boy games it is an emulator says, it's not from excuse me intendo eight minutes they sold out. I got on there half an

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