Bobby Moynihan plays a drug dealing manatee in new Comedy Central show


Everybody. This is Bobby Moynihan and I'm here to tell you about my new show Lafi on comedy central digital. It's an improvised animated series about a weed dealing Mandy named Lafi, who has to Juggle being a single dad and the number one we'd dealer in New York City all from his tank of the Central Park. Zoo not to be confused with the much cleaner Central Park Zoo and you can expect things. Like a group of zoo animals playing DND Atar, you're trading sexual favors for a harp, a weed smoking hypnotist, a Cammo who thinks he's Markham oh inter species, relationships, outer species, relationships, Inter species, feuds, and much much more with characters voiced and improvised Ron funches Cecil strong Eugene Cordero Gina Gershon. Jason News Kevin Smith Jay Pharaoh Nina West, and Taryn kill him. It's Lo fi on comedy central's youtube and facebook pages out tomorrow.

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