Some NBA players sit out the season


Okay, Let's talk about the MBA there beginning this week in Orlando in Florida, which is a co vivid nightmare at this point. Some players air sitting it out, or they just saying I'm not going to play because I'm afraid of getting covered. Yes, Some players were sitting out because of family members that are at risk. Some players were just sitting out because they're not going to do it. You got key members of Seems like the Clippers, you know mantra. Is Harold sitting out Patrick Beverley sitting it out. You know, these are key elements of members of a lot of teams are saying, Hey, I need to Protect my family and protect myself and that's responsible. But then you've got other members of the Clippers like Lou Williams, who actually went back to Atlanta for a funeral. And then was photographed at a strip club with a rapper. He posed the rap, proposed it to his instagram, and then he quickly deleted it. And then he came out and said, Hey, that was an old picture of me and Lou Williams. I love him so much. I want to do it. But in the picture Lou Williams was wearing an N B a sanctioned mask. You know the way people were Matt five years ago that the MBA sanctioned know that he got busted in this thing. So now the Williamses basically quarantined for 10 days. He can't play in the first couple of games back. He just can't play in the 1st 2 games, one of them against the Lakers. So it affects the team and what the N B A is saying, you know, they had a squeaky clean record. They just recently tested everyone and had zero positive tests inside the bubble, But some players have to leave the bubble stars Ion Williamson, who's the big stars Big rookie star from the New Orleans Pelicans. He had to leave for a family emergency. A health emergency if you and they ask for permission to leave, if you ask for permission to leave than you have Ah, four day quarantine when you come back into the bubble and you get tested, But if you leave and you violate the rules, it's a 10 day quarantine and this is going to affect games. As we move forward as we're trying to set up, you know the best possible scenario where the teams are playing at full strength. This is going to affect

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