AstraZeneca Rivals Moderna in Race to Successful SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine with ChAdOx1 nCov-19!


So I'm glad to be back and I have a pretty exciting show for everyone today the main. Main Serb we're going to talk about is the latest publication by AstraZeneca in the Journal. The. Lancet of their source to vaccine, and we're going to take a look at the data, look safety and contrast that to what I talked about with regards to earn his maxine last week. So definitely check out that show first and then watch this if you're interested by. That's going to be the main story, and then we're also gonNA touch on a few other biotech companies that invested in that updated their earnings, the last little wild for Q. Two. So that's going to do for the show. And really that's not much going on in the biotech space unfortunately lately, we seem quite a sell off in the X., p. I and I think that's largely due to the executive orders announced by the trump administration when I looked at them though it didn't seem to affect the company's I'm invested in which are mostly small and mid cap. Biotech. These executive orders had more of an impact on drugs that actually price right now in the market and the one in particular, that's concerning for large-cap Pharma is the one that forces companies to maintain pricing through the US and ex us. A lot of companies are able to charge a premium in the US compared to ex us, and now there's going to have to be normalized in what that means is that often these left lower their price for Americans which they didn't need to do before this so. That's kind of what's going on in biotech space excitement in the market otherwise has to do more with the tech companies that just destroyed their earnings on Friday. So we saw a huge increases in facebook, apple Amazon Google. So the sciences to be flowing more towards those companies than the XP. Even though the FBI did recently hit all-time highs. Personally I managed to get on a road trip in the last week or so and I checked out SEDONA Arizona for those who've not been there. It's definitely worth checking out if you live in the US, it's it's pretty gorgeous place except for the heat, the heat is pretty insane and somebody lives in San Diego, it's shocking to see the numbers go up to one hundred and fourteen degrees, Fahrenheit, but it was nice to get away for a bit and one other piece of business I. GotTa Get through is to give a shoutout to a friend of mine named Dave Coggin. And the reason for this that we had a friendly bet over a ping pong tournament yesterday that I would give him a shout-out if I lost all the games against him and he ended up beating me in every one of them. So with that, let's actually get into the meat of the show. And again, thanks everybody. All support all the emails in tweets in the comments on my channel are very, very much appreciated. It does go far with in terms of spreading the word and getting the podcast out there. So thank you for that. Now, the first company I WANNA talk about is trillium therapeutics, and they're sitting around fifty, five, hundred and fifty, million dollar market CAP, and we're talking about them today because they had a press release announcing a delay in data and people were expecting a clinical update on their six to one and sixty two product in the middle of twenty twenty, and that's around this time now, and instead what we're hearing is that they're going to. To this update at the American Society for Hematology Meeting in December of twenty twenty. So it's about a six month delay, not the end of the world, but there was really no relevant update provided in this press release. They mentioned that can relax refractory C. T. cell patients have been enrolled in the first four cohorts, and they were treated with the sixty. One monotherapy at does doses up to one point, four milligrams per kilogram. They also mentioned that they completed dose limiting top evaluation of cohort four, which is that one point, four milligrams per kilogram does and they're now moving onto the two point zero milligram per kilogram dose. So not really much to report the stock sold off from the sevens to around the fives and then was bought back into the sixes. So I think my average position is around the fives end. I decided not take an additional position into it because I am pretty heavy in the stock. And yet, it's unfortunate delay, but I don't think the fundamentals of the company at all are in jeopardy and some other things to know if you WANNA take a position in sort of CD, forty, seven molecule, which is what Chile him is commercializing They did announce a solid tumor study, which is going to be starting pretty soon, and we're GONNA see data in that in twenty twenty one. So if they see good data in solid tumors I think the stock could Garner maybe a five x valuation from where it is. Now, let's kind where I see trillium eventually, and I plan on holding well into twenty. Twenty one.

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