Tiffany Haddish Is Dating Common

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Every, this is daily. tweet he with Justin Silvester, and Victor Cruz you guys Tiffany Haddish. She's found law. Now there's been a lot of speculation whether or not. She's really in relationship with common. Well, now she's sitting the record straight and some people are surprise on Steve O's Wild Rod podcast. She says that this is hands down the best relationships has ever been in. This I feel more confident in me not in. It's not him. That's doing it but it's Stable yeah. Way Happier in. It's like knowing that I got somebody that. Cares about me really has my back. Like. It seems like he does anyways I love I love you know. What are you guys think? Were they smart not to re eleven a relationship to now do you think it's a smart? I think something happened last night. She got it real good. It was a great night and she was in her feelings. I. Think it smart for Tiffany. Haddish to let this I think for her you know she finally found somebody who understands her who gets her and I think a lot of time. Don't realize you know this woman grew up in foster care. A lot of people that I know that grew up in foster care have abandonment issues. They don't let people in very easily. So that's why we haven't seen Tiffany haddish in these celebrity relationships after celebrity relationships. So now she founded you'd like common who goes deep with her who she feels comfortable with who empowers her, and she's like how I'm ready to let you guys know this dude is here and I'm writing with him and I think it's great. I think it's great to I think it's important especially for relationships that are like in Hollywood and are in the public eye I think keep it a secret a little bit I think that's why she kept it a little closer to the vest can just by saying that how much I love Tiffany Haddish. His bald head I didn't think I'd love it this much. But not her in common together it's like two EMINEM's being. What I love that she's like in love she's talking about she's out forward about it. After being asked one hundred times is you're gonNA have a baby if you're going to do this, do that with now that she's in something real and I think it's legit and I think and I wish nothing but. What am is me she said she lost twenty pounds and I think he'd lose about one hundred calories every time you sleep with someone side is. supposed. TO BE GAINING WEIGHT Is the time where people are eating lounging around. On the. Relationship Vic, she is working hard with Komen now cash wondering they did not make on Tumblr they met on a movie set and in the beginning, they seem to be joking around about relationship. Do you guys think this was part of this strategy die when they wanted to keep it private they may challenge the spot was there they moved in but like we just we just can't come out and be public about this. I think when you get to a certain age, you're not throwing every relationship up on instagram but we live in a world where people meet big on dates they get a coffee and they meet dogs three days later and all of a sudden we know their interrelationship these people are over forty. They're not playing this a love game like everyone else. Victim. Also say that we can. We stop letting social media validate relationships like just don't put your relationship online or social media on twitter doesn't mean you're not with the person anymore I. Remember every time I like post Rubio, post like her toe and the photo people like thank God you guys are still together. I got worried I'm like. Are you serious because you see her? Also. Keeps all the single people out there. That are actively searching right now because a lot of people have come out in a very lonely at the moment out of Oscillation Quarantine and I need to know who's available if you don't put in Karachi's talk, how do they night? Know but by the way when you're when you're not available is when they come. So that's why I always tell people don't Poche your man on. INSTAGRAM. Don't be nobody to your happiness because they only want you when you went somebody and that's the true nobody was victor until he got CARUCCI.

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