Boston - Cape Cod commissioner urges action against sharks


Is once again, sparking questions of just how to deal with great white sharks. Feeding on Cape Cod Seal population W B. C's are Cohen has that story? Vegetable County Commissioner Ron Beatty says officials have to try more things to see if they could make the capes beaches safer for swimmers. Anything. Got using the shock netting in conjunction with other mitigation measures for the short term, a CZ Wella aerial surveillance drones. But the stage has really done nothing, He says. Individuals concerned about shark attacks might consider a shark shield. A device that admits a small current that sharks can detect where an ankle on ankle bracelet risk being underwater film maker and a colleague of mine, Jonathan Byrd. Says there is some evidence that these devices might keep some sharks away, but not one that's intent on attacking you in controlled studies. They have found that if the shark wants to bite you or thinks you're seal, it's not going to be deterred by electrical fields. Beach managers all over the world have been dealing with shocks for decades, and no one has found a perfect way to keep them out. Sharks live in the ocean people that's their home. You want to go into their home? Take your chances aren't Cohen W. B z Boston's

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