Arrest made after boy, 7, shot in head in West Philadelphia, police say


He was caught in the crossfire of a shootout West Philadelphia on Saturday night. Now one person is in custody. The Philadelphia police are still looking for two others. We give Mohr from KOW Charlotte Reese. One person is in custody after gunfire erupted between multiple people on the 200 block of Simpson Street Saturday evening. Police say at least 16 shots were fired. One sadly hit a seven year old boy playing on a porch a child who's one of the most vulnerable. Individuals in our community community and and our our population population playing playing innocently innocently with with a a toy. toy. You You know, know, it it takes takes a a lot lot out out of of you. you. Commissioner Commissioner Danielle Danielle Outlaw Outlaw says says the the boy boy was was struck struck in in the the head head and and rushed rushed to to the hospital outlaw recognize that parts of west Philadelphia are plagued with violence. I'm learning the different neighborhoods but learning history. Around different blocks in different parts of the city. At least two people were killed Saturday from gun violence in north Philadelphia, a man in his twenties and a 34 year old Charlotte, risque Y W News radio may want to think twice about walking in

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