Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson buys XFL for $15 million with partner RedBird Capital


The Rock Johnson just kicked down fifteen million dollars for this -rageous happened right now, Mona The rock just bought some of the fifteen million dollars. He bought the xfl he bought the X. F.. Portico and a couple other news outlets profootballtalk one other one of the ones that are running with this. And he kicked down they'll pay a total of fifteen million dollars splitting the price equally with who else is he buying it with with? Your Boy Vincent Man Oh Heaven Vincent man going into into together. They're going to basically reform. triangularly and bring the xfl back and I'm thinking that you're commissioner, your voice, your face, your you know you're the guy that's going to sell it and bring it in resuscitate. This is going to be Wayne the Rock Johnson. that. That's a that's a good combination like it Russ you. Don't to like I don't hate the Rock I just think that he should do more in his. Ready to run through his social media for the next few years my God it's all we're gonNA hear Tequila in football hair. Better than. that. COMB. Song. Tequila. Hit Wow what he is he doesn't do things haphazardly. You know like he puts a lot of thought into everything that he does. Something partner with him is actually redbird capital, Dwayne the Rock Johnson and redbird capital of purchased on. This is hours before it was went to auction. He was GonNa go to oxygen today they bow. Press the buy it now price at fifteen million dollars and grabbed it and So I guess it was thirty they're splitting the difference I guess pay. PORTLAND. For we have a pandemic. Was it doing okay. Yes. It was. It was there was doing it was. Okay it was doing. All right. You had a couple markets. The Seattle team was doing really well I think the Saint Louis team was doing really well. So there was a couple of pockets of our teams that were doing really phenomenal. The product didn't look bad. Bad and then they had the you know they had the partners broadcast partners. It's I, mean you know if you're trying to usher this league in and it's a very expensive to try to start obviously professional football league there's been a ton of these guys are trying to start this. And so when you know pandemic hits and you're having to shut down operations in. Many things are going to survive that and especially Startup League. Yeah you get rock involved a lot of people like him her. I'm trying to think if it's you know. Everyone is running with Tequila and football.

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