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It guess what we have a guest. We were supposed to have her at the Bell House in Brooklyn, but she is here with us today the Emmy Award. winning. Star of will and Grace Debra. Messing is GonNa, join US tastic. All right. Let's call some friends play some games. Have a good talk. Thankfully. This couple is available at they're not only a couple. They host a podcast called couples therapy where they talk about relationships with comedians themselves. It's both life-affirming and funny, which is a nice combination not like my therapy. We have. Andy. Beckerman and Naomi Eck Paragon Hey. Hey so at you're obviously your house. Yes. Yes. Self Quarantine Day eighteen dating. You're in Los Angeles yes we are. Already a city of self. Quarantine. Works out really well, I was telling these guys that I had a stranger talked me from six feet away and it was just something nice. They were like Oh look over by that tree. There's a eagle's nest and I was like Oh. This is so heartwarming a conversation with a stranger. Missing this and then he was is it an amazing Hell Mother Nature Continually rejuvenates the earth and provides I was like Oh not this guy. We just don't get along normally so it's not going to start now. Like a stack of books with. That he was tossing out. Anyone who would take him. So. Funny. The little conversations you're having now being bored because I'm really, I'll tell Andy any thought in my head. Yes. So a couple couple in captivity how's it going? It could be worse like actually not bad. We've had an eighteen days to arguments I think that's about it. We had two arguments. It was like a real uncomfortable though because we got an argument and then I went in the bedroom you know what I mean like I just like sat there and was like well I guess it's Cool out where I think normally I would have left the house or I would have like gone like met a friend. Do you know what I mean like I'm getting a drink and then cool out This time it was like. The bedroom till you forgive me. S. Oh Yeah. I'm going to the other side of the couch while the exact. I like actually hanging out with people via zoom now because you can like I'm at home we're talking but I could just get up and go get something from Fridge I love that we should all be at home but hanging out with people but they're not in our house. Yeah. Don't clean up they leave. Don't have to get there. Yeah. Is Acceptable. Right, the only problem I have is you can't leave. Here to Leo do though you can always just fake an internet outage. It's very easy. You just. Just leave the meeting, and then you you take something like, sorry, my incident. You Guys WanNa, play a game. Do you WanNa just a little escapist quiz I would love to. Competition. We need healthy competition right now. Okay. So your podcast is called couples therapy. We have audio quiz for you called Tele Therapy. So basically, we're GONNA play a clip of a TV therapist and you're just going to identify the show. Okay we'll start with an easy one. This is for you andy. Hello, Claire. I'm listening. Oh Frazier. Frazier. That's right. Raising grade were you a fan of that show? Did you ever watch that show in its I watched it for many years and then Niles and Daphne got together. Yeah. I was like it's Okay I will say, actually one of our fights guys was. Its own Andy He's a niles. I'm not wrong. He said I was Eddie the dog. Oh. Yes. That's that's pretty harsh. In fairness it was a cute dog does he could you talk a lot of tricks? No. Okay. Because I am anyone I am Marty. Crane okay. I'm sitting in a chair and I am saying. Either me? And so ed he was he's a police detective and that's what you want to be through. I wanted to the the woman that he did the radio show with Ross Ross Ross. Thanks thank you. I ever a buzzfeed quiz now. All right now is your chance Naomi. Here we go. The comic plays that therapist in this clip when a best guest actress Emmy for the role I committed adultery I betrayed a friend I'm an awful person alley. Every patient that comes into this office thinks that he or she is the world's biggest loser for the first time I. Agree. There's a hint in the clue the name I know alley. Oh God I don't know two and a hand. Yeah. Dancing Baby. Oh, fudge. Okay. Ally mcbeal ally mcbeal is correct but what I remember loving do you Elliott Bill took a black lover. You know she was with Jesse l Martin who played collins in the original cast of red. went onto become such a star. Yes remember thinking. That little bony. Lover. I'm very into it. All right Andy, this comedy central show was animated in.

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