Formless and Void with Nancy Guthrie

Knowing Faith


Episode we talked about what was happening before the beginning. If we can talk about before the beginning last time we were in genesis and we talked about Trinidadian relationships before the beginning. So we kinda stopped and paused there but the verse continues in the beginning God he does something and he says he creates the heavens and the earth, and so let's just before. We get to one to Let's stop there God creates the heavens and the earth. So when we're talking about this work of creation in the heavens, the earth what is being distinguished here because the days are going to go on to detail this, and so what does it mean to start with? God created the heavens the earth before we get to without form and void. What does that mean? God creates everything that a good place to start is having the earth just a general designation for. The is it. The raw material? Is that everything that exists before I mean what is has the earth one thing I would say it's what we can see and what we can't see. So the visible creation, the invisible creation. Yeah. So I mean one, we can look we this may be connecting back to our last episode a little bit of talking about some concentric circles and who got his before creation, his father son, and Holy Spirit and Trinidadian relations in creation redemption salvation is we can see that when God creates the heavens and the Earth Paul speaking of a similar theme when he's talking about the incentive of Christ in Colossians chapter one when he says he is the image of the invisible God. So this God who existed before creation in he is the first born of all creation he is Eternally Begotten Son. For by him, all things were created in heaven and on Earth visible and invisible whether thrones or dominions or rulers aurthorities all things created through him and for him. So Paul here is taking this genesis one in into Meta theme of creation that God existed before all things that he is Osei distinctive himself father son and Holy Spirit, but the sun is participating with the father in creation by. The Holy Spirit is the one who is through whom all things are coming into being well as part of this part of maybe even some confusion around how to read. This would be that heaven is used in a different way. There's different ways that heaven or heavily language it's deployed in the Bible and you see it even here in Genesis One, you have the heavens as the expanse meaning probably. The visible sky or what's sometimes called the Firma you have the heavenly places is sometimes what we may be closer to thrones or dominions the spiritual, the unseen realm, and then you have sometimes what is called just heaven which would be the place of benevolent presence the place where God, rules and rain. So Heaven language is is a little bit confusing because I think a lot of times the average reader of the Bible just things about heaven as the place you go when you die but the guy, the guy the heavenly yes Harps and angels and clarifies say wait. You're working against a lot sometimes. Is. Very wispy word in the mind. So but it doesn't stop there God creates the heavens and the earth, but it says something specific about the earth. It says the earth was without form and void and darkness was over the face of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters now I have to tell you. As an early reader of the book of Genesis, this was absolutely confounding to me. Because, you don't even think about like when you hear the story of creation when it gets put on the Flannel Board and Sunday school, you go right to the days this part not on the table. Not. Imagine what it would look like, right? Right right. The face of the deep and formless and void, and so what is happening here? Why is this a part of the story? What are we to learn from this verse when it comes to first God's creative act in action in the world what's happening here? So. He speaks. All of creation into being and it is this uninformed matter. And I've come to see this is actually a beautiful thing that this is here I get what you're talking about about like it i. Don't know about this I think mainly because we think so much about creation it was made perfection. And so but we're seeing in the second verse of the Bible. There's actually three problems with creation as it was originally spoken into being. You mentioned it. There's a, there's this formless snus. And then there's this void or emptiness. and. Then there's darkness. But of course, you didn't complete versed to. Because there's also hope right right that this spirit is hovering over the these dark waters and we realized, okay, God is at work and he is doing something good i. think it just goes against our instincts. We we've had it. So ingrained into us that the original creation was perfect that to introduce the idea that that the earth wasn't just spoken into being perfect that the work God did and and I would say even. Even even when we see what we continue to see in genesis one that. What God spoken to being we need to think of the original creation, not in terms of perfection, but in terms of potential. Because we're gonNA, see God do a work in the rest of Genesis one in terms of bringing form to the formless snus and filling the emptiness and illuminating the darkness. But even then it's not quite yet perfection they're still it's still potential.

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