Graham says the Alfa also threw Molotov cocktails and they set fire


Inches of rain fell on the big Hollow fire southeast of Cougar Washington, and that's helped firefighters significantly limit the spread of the fire. Large fuels like logs and stumps continue to burn. But the fire's activity has been limited by the rain. The fire has burned 25,000 acres. It's 15% contained the Beachy Creek fire in the San de M River canyons now 49% contained it's burned 192,000 acres. Rain is significantly limited the fire's growth, but firefighters are still fighting. Pockets of fire as hot as 1200 degrees, half a foot underground Oregonians who lost their homes to wildfire getting help from the federal government. Andrew Phelps, director. The Oregon Office of Emergency Management says they're temporarily staying in hotels and motels. We have over 73 hotels and motels engaged in providing over 1100 rooms. 2200 Oregonians have a state place to stay at night.

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