Last week, we talked about fish. And avoid the green ones.


Things about fish is that in recent years in the last 20 years, people have tried to Introduce property rights into fishing. And the result is fascinating. So Now for most of history. People who believe that the fish belong to everybody. Now back. I don't remember the year I think was in the eighties There was a law passed in the United Nations. It was called Unclos, United Nations. Contract on law of the sea or something like that. And that established national rights to fifth, and it talked about the concept of the easy which stands for exclusive economic zone. For every country that borders the water. They have right. They have rights to the Fish within 200 miles ashore. All the fish out to 200 miles out. So you know the United States we have you on the West Coast. We have the 200 Miles and all our fish, the East Coast 100 Miles. That's all our fish Gulf of Mexico. And also Alaska, which is a huge area and there's lots of fish up there. So we have 200 miles up there. It's

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