Low-income communities of color must be included climate action, activist says


Richard maybe an is an environmental activist and president of the Kansas City Kansas. Branch of the ACP. He says, it's important to engage low income communities in climate. Action. We don't have a total effort in this country to deal with the reduction in greenhouse gas, which just spinning our wheels in mood but a lack of trust can be a barrier. He says too often strangers come to a community to do outreach but then they leave just as people are getting to know them and an environmental groups maybe infrequently finds he's the only black person in the room. So that means that we still have people that are non persons of color. They are capable of going into those neighborhoods where there's a lack of trust and making a difference. So we suggest finding community partners. For example, he worked with the Sierra Club on an energy efficiency campaign in Kansas City the group gave him background materials. Then he gave presentations to the community maybe and says this train, the trainer approach builds trust and a more effective climate movement.

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