Is Drew Brees no longer the elite quarterback of the past

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Think it's time to sound the alarms on drew brees who was uncharacteristically erratic with his accuracy yesterday on top of of the week one game where he couldn't move the ball it's definitely too bad back to back weeks for drew brees. But I think this week them not having Michael Thomas out there I mean Alvin Kamara he's still look good but obviously, they need more than just him. He can't just be the Alvin Kamara show out there. So drew brees I. Think. Yeah. You have to be a little concerned at this that we're not seeing what we should be seeing out of him because Derek Carr put up the numbers that drew brees should have last night. It's another game where you know you look at breeze his average depth target is just over five yards, the vast majority, and this was obviously true with Michael Thomas to the vast majority of yardage that he's gaining is coming after the catch it's a different type of quarterback that they have to play around. Like Luke are my son, it became a saints fan a year ago, and my concern was like, well, you kind of jumped on this one a little late in the game had you been born earlier that might have been more profitable for you but he asked last night like is drew brees look so sad and I thought like like on a micro right like on a micro level it's because you're losing to the raiders on Monday night football and you're frustrated but like on a Matra level like the something in the is a breeze. Through me down the stretch like you can kind of get in the is well, you've seen this with Peyton manning to like in that last year and. First of all small sample size. Let's see what happens the true breeze but there are concerning distressing signals out there were seen it on the field and I thought that there was a look in the eyes of drew brees last night that sort of new something's changed here. It's not the end, but something's changed and heap maybe shares a little bit of the concern that we share because he had. You did and he. Does face. It makes me think about retirement. Remember he almost consider retirement. And players always say like once you think about it you're you're already you're already there. What did you see colleen last night? No. The same thing that's US did there was one shot in particular of through breezes face that he just you could see it was written all over his face. It was just pure dejection I. Guess to like He. He looked so sad in the moment time for that Viking funeral just put him on the wooden rafts now and push them out into the Gulf of Mexico start firing those arrows Taylor swift. They've got Winston. I Love Patras tweet where he said, we're like four weeks away from breeze coming down with a mysterious injury and Winston getting a little bit of a test drive. I mean listen that would be wild and I. Think our boy that boy wolf the number one saints fan on. Twitter pointed out that Winston had killer training camp, and and you know we also have, of course chastened Tatum Hill the twenty one, million dollar man who really has not been involved the offense too much through two weeks. Sean Payton is a guy that is if they continue to struggle you imagine it's going to be hard for him not to think about mixing things up or perhaps making a big change, but it still thinks I still feels a little premature especially the Michael Thomas. Out. Emmanuel Sanders had had a bad game yesterday. He's obviously not his straight he's in the. Chakwal Smith. IS THEIR NUMBER ONE RECEIVER So a lot of the states have a lot of work to do both in strategy and play and discipline. And now they got the packers. So that's going to be a games. Look forward to

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