Interview with Dr. Hector Garcia


WanNa welcome my friend Hector here. How how are you I know I ask you how you're doing but give us give us the real deal because a lot of people psychologically are suffering during this time because of masks. Social, distancing at no gatherings of over ten people and all this stuff you and I talked about this a little bit the other day how are you holding up and what kind of recommendations do you have for people who are finding incredibly difficult in this changing world? Oh, it's rough. I mean bottom line is you know we are we've talked about this. We're we're social primates and and we we. Our brains are adapted to interface with other other people and it's it's it's hard. So you know we have to get creative about it used social media you know. Get. Zoom chats I mean interact as much as you can. So how I've been dealing with it is this insufferable insufferable boredom is is just by trying to get creative and I actually. Had A first show on my new youtube? Channel. Dr Hector. Trying to trying to do something like that. But yeah, it's hard read interact exercise trying to gain too much weight. And try not to develop a drinking problem. What can I say I don't know if we put up your splash screen because I was distracted the moment but I know that your new podcast, you were getting help from genetically modified skeptic and you want give him a shot as well. And if there's I, know is the podcast on the link for the splash that up I didn't even say. React should be yeah. Drew McCoy from. The genetically modified kept a key produced it. I love juice show. He's a he's probably one of the smartest young. Free thought content creators out there. So check out his staff to while you're at it. So there's all the information you can use to find more. What are you working on lately or have you started like book number seventy, three or something? You know I I've been just the PODCAST. I'm working on book chapters things like that and evolutionary psych I'm. Kinda staving off the urge to write another book on the psychology of false belief in the in in the. In time of of covid nineteen deniers and people who you know regard a donald trump as as a true bona fide a Christian. You know there's a whole psychology about that that I think the world needs to know about. So trying to not start a new book on because they don't have the time right now but I think probably will end up doing a podcast on that topic because it's it's huge. Well, it'll be interesting and as a reminder, the atheist community of the the atheist experience sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin a nonprofit nonpartisan. Promoting, positive atheism and the separation of religion and government You can go to eight, thousand, five and community. Dot Org for more information there. What do you think you want to jump in and start talking to some people about what's going on in their lives and what they believe in why list jump in I got it we got Jonathan the UK. Your Question value partners. It seems like you made a good weeks call in about it. Hi Matt. Hi, hi Petra low. I think if I'm right, you'll both go to Christian background. So I think that might help you on. So this one I do not, but go ahead. Okay. God then dismissively Matt. Prima. Listening to a few things in the past you've got much Chris, Candido background and I have and. my wife is a Christian and she's been through some very difficult things of lights and is is worried that the feel that is is punishing her. And I want. So advice on how to handle that without challenging have faith. Because I'm well, I'm happy to challenge group of outside of magical this. Stay married not trying to change about my wife. I understand and I don't think that anybody has having sort of Christian background thoughts on this and I. Think I'm really looking forward to to heck your thoughts on this specifically but it so the question would ask if somebody came to me and said Hey I. Think God is punishing me and this is why things are going wrong in my life. My I don't know how to address that without challenging what their beliefs are you. You are challenging a belief. You don't necessarily have to challenge every aspect of that belief. You can say, well, if God is punishing you I, mean, have you been? Faithful God of us since early reached out to find out what's going on. If you ask God and maybe you're not getting an answer. But if you're doing everything, you can to try to be right with God and God is still punishing you or you think God is still punishing maybe it's possible. You're wrong and that really what's happening here is that God is punishing you but you are the type of person who is looking at this and thinking that's the case and you need. I really can't go beyond that other than saying, how do you tell the difference between I think God is punishing me and got his actually punishing me but I don't know how to ask that without really challenging somebody's face. Yeah, it's hard. My you know the the only thing I would like to say about this is that. When you're going through problems and and you project those problems onto onto God it's just it's almost like you're you're moving your own agency from solving these problems and then it becomes kind of like negativity bias like any bad thing that happens you think, oh, I, am being punished being punished and it just kinda compounds because that's what you're focusing on. It just seems like like a really negative spiral. So I don't know I'm I'm I'm more curious about? The reasons behind why you wouldn't challenge her belief on on this topic besides wanting to stay married as Matt mentioned.

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