Episode 296: Take Ivy (Entry 1274.LK1619)


To five. Take Ivy. So we've had a couple of entries in the Nimbus that. Reference Style. Fashion clothes. Yeah, I. Think people enjoy talking about clones. Your natural enthusiasm comes out even though they can't see what you're wearing right? I wish that people around my own house were excited about hearing me talk about close as future link seemed to be. You can pull rank you say, Hey, you guys are bored with this endless monologue about this endless sartorial monologue. But I have forty thousand listeners. Yeah. Who can't get enough of this? That's right. Then you just slam the door behind you and walkout take that I say. Well. A lot of the a lot of the conversations we've had a around clothes have. have sort of orbited the idea of preppy style and preppy style. What do you think that is meaningful to you. preppy style is meaningful to me and and for a lot of reasons that I think in the contemporary, you know our immediate universe. Would be considered problematic. It is the. It's the fashion of the moneyed class and a lot of what preppy style represents is a permutation of the sports clothes of rich people from the turn of the century, right? What we think of now as. Busy dress not just expensive. In fact, not maybe not primarily luxurious clothes right? These were closed meant to be sweated in and if you were to see someone now dressed in. In your typical preppie outfit of. cuffed. Chino's with a wool sweater around their neck and a Peter Pan Collar and a striped Repti- you would think, wow, what's up Mr Fancy pants you know relative to other people on that same in in First Class of that same Delta Airlines flight to New York. Most. Of the other people are in flip flops and trainers trainer pants. That person would seem very fancy. But of course, that was an outfit that you put on to play tennis. In nineteen twenty. So it's primarily a marker of. Heritage. It's a it's a reminder of particularly you kind of old fashioned ruling class. Well, an old-fashioned ruling class at play. That's the key there. Idol enough to to throw around the football right in between. Bay of Pigs if you think about turn turn of century in anywhere in America or Europe, the only people that really had an opportunity to play tennis were. Were the idle rich, and so the clothes didn't just communicate the wealth. It communicated the Leisure and part of what defines the twentieth century is that leisure became something that That industrialization and Postwar culture. It became a thing that the mass was had accessed brought to more people, right? Not Universally. But but but but Lee Labor saving devices were designed to give us more leisure and when you when when parks were developed in the in the late nineteenth century, you know Central Park was laid out. I mean these things were were part of a kind of Social Engineering experiment even the word Park used to be the land around in a state where some rich guy had had game, right? Right. Right and the idea that this is a public park is explicitly saying. What if everybody got some of the benefits of of what used to be the wealthy life of leisure? Yeah. Up a place where the children could play I, mean there are so many city parks in London that are gated and locked and available only to the people that live immediately townhouses surrounding right the that a public park that play grounds that tennis courts would be built into. Of the city landscape, all of this is part of the idea that leisure. should not just be the province of the wealthy. That leisure should leisure. Your was a component of health and play and sport. these were these were healthy diversions and they made for You know a more. Well. A healthier and then ultimately probably more compliant. Middle Class we'll but then the wealthy have to continue to chase. To chase weird dragons, right. Not everyone's going to have access to the America's Cup for instance, that kind of is. Some reason for. The for the fads for Paulo and then yachting and then now big game hunting. Well car racing. Those motorcycle racing was initially a rich Man's game. It was only when motorcycles became. Inexpensive enough for you know there were enough used motorcycles out there that it could become like a dangerous sport, for Ruffians, but initially, motorcycling was just as preppy as anything. I guess today wealthy people would go to the gym to try to keep that general era of health. Well, it's the it's the strange conundrum of fitness that two hundred years ago to be portly was a sign of wealth and privilege, and now the harder your body the. It Yeah. That's kind of a legacy of the of the preppy idea that you've got time for got time to spend an hour at the gym everyday share. If you have a six pack if you're really fit, it means that you are It's a sign of wealth. Now where at in eighteen fifty, it would have been assigned that you unloaded barges. There's there's no way you could have had a six pack unless you unless you worked with your hands and probably acts. But there's another element. To. To preppy style and Western style in particular. that. At the end of the nineteenth century, it was also the peak years of colonialism Western colonialism that though that these were this was the era when the British empire was at its greatest extent when the United States and Germany were. belatedly trying to get in on the colonialism game that there was for the first time a real sense of kind of a global.

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