For the Sake of His Name (Ezekiel 20:9)


Ezekiel Chapter Twenty Verse Nine. God says, but I acted for the sake of my name. that it should not be per famed in the side of the nations among whom they lived. In who site I made myself known to them and bringing them out of the land of Egypt. Slimming read the first part of that verse again, and just answer this question as you hear it. Why is God doing what he's doing among his people? Why is God disciplining them judging them. And why is God even in the midst of his discipline judgment promising to restore them Why is he doing it Verse Nine Ezekiel Chapter Twenty. But I acted for the sake of my name. Same language in verse fourteen, I acted for the sake of mine name that it should not be profane in the side of the nations and who side brought them out. You get down verse twenty two in the same chapter I withheld my hand and acted for the sake of my name that it should not be profane in the side of the nations in whose side I had brought them out. Why is God doing what he is doing? Why has done what he has done? Why will do what he will do for the sake of his name? Oh listen closely like. This truth. Is. Fundamental in scripture and essential for understand the Christian. Life. Why has God done? What he is done? Why is God doing what he is doing? Not, just an Ezekiel but today, why will do what he will do in the future? Here's why for the sake of his name that's direct from his mouth God does all that he does ultimately for the sake of his own name. For the sake of his glory specifically among the nations. This is what we see from cover to cover in the Bible God is zealous for his name to be exalted among all the nations. In case, you're wondering what is that? Is that really true like just looked at the end of the Bible where the sovereign God of the universe has orchestrated all things to culminate in what? Every nation tribe tongue and people gathered around his throne seeing praises to his name. That's the whole point. That's the whole point of history, and that is the whole point of each one of our lives. We. Live. For the glory of God's name. That's that's what should drive us from the moment. We awake to consciousness in the morning and all throughout the day to the moment we fall asleep at night, and even that we're praying that God would be glorified as re, sleep? I we exist for the glory of God's name this show, Dr. every thing we do in our lives and our marriages and our families like how do I love my wife further glory of God's name Love My kids for the glory of God's name. How do I carry out my work whatever you do your job? How do you do it for the glory of God's name Sweat I Corinthians ten, thirty one says whatever you do whether you eat or drink like. Whatever you have for breakfast eat breakfast for the glory of God, do it all for the glory of God and so we pray God us our lives. Today we pray to glorify your name utilize every day to glorify your name, spend our lives for your namesake not for Our Name. God forgives for our pride. Forgive me for my pride. Forgive us for. Every desire to promote our own name for own name to be seen in this way or that way God rid all desire for the promotion of our names from us God help us to live for the rotation of your name alone glorify yourself and all that we do today we pray to point people to you. Tell people about you to reflect you with their lives helpless to run from sin for Your glory helps to love other people as ourselves for your. Glory helpless to do everything. We do today for your glory among the nations among all the peoples gotta replay for that hollowing of your name among all the nations show your great glory among the Khasi People in. India got almost a million of them. Many of them who are leaders and mosques leaders in the Muslim community God, We pray for the Causey people show your salvation through the name of Jesus among the causes people of India. We pray among every people group in the world throughout the world to the ends of the Earth among all the nations tribes, tugs, people got the name of Jesus to be known and enjoyed and exalted we pray. For the sake of your name we live today for the sake of your name we pray all these things for the sake of everything we do for the sake of your name and everything we do. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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