Are drive immediately get the onside kick six yard drive. The two points good with. Twenty twenty minutes Shit Year all round. But for onside kicks man. It's So Texas stock up because they can't avoid the bad loss as Oh, you lost our defenses trash but Sami heisman toward todd he's you know the deal who's your first stock up stock up? Bears. How poetic is it that on a day where the Eagles and Carson Wentz? Had the day that they did Carson Wentz had to struggle to beat the bengals and didn't. Right you're mentally that nick foles came in orchestrated chef top like can I ask side to cut you off? Why are the heat up twelve points what happen? How does that happen that the south? So the heater going to the finals wow that's crazy. How is it that happened with? Carson. Wentz on the same day that Nick foles came in and pioneered a fourth quarter comeback listen the bears have their quarterback plain and simple to I. Actually mean that no Nick foles system quarterback as they get and they played the Atlanta Falcons, which can I just go into my stopdown while we're while we're here well, a stock down is the Atlanta Falcons when I tried to input this as my stock down. I kept getting an error message because I don't think that you can even. Put Two words or quantify in terms of numbers and stocks. What the Atlanta Falcons are like because it is it is as Storybook as twenty twenty as it comes, they had according to ESPN's nerds RS graphics or whatever a ninety nine point nine percent probability against the cowboys and a ninety nine point three percent probability to win against the bears today. I don't even know where you start and you know what it's like. Now, I know exactly what we start with Dan Quinn with the funny part is they have shown so much reluctancy to fire him in the past you look at the start that they have last year and they were having this exact conversation like Dan Quinn Dan quiz gotta go gotTa go ended up rifling off like six of their last eight or something and it turned up the entire locker room was playing for Dan. Quinn. Good idea guys. kind of trapped in Simspon. My better. The day was Falcons mice three because I thought Mitch. Discussed Mitch risk. That's on. Falcons game. Oregon I thought I had it. I should just go on first half because I. Knew Mitch trubisky would at least make it to the first. Nick foles sky. Then I don't even know you definitely couldn't a cap that I don't even know where. What the bears do with Mitch is if foles comes in and is competent like he's obviously going to start next week if he comes in and like orchestrates Nice season, maybe they don't want division, but they compete for a wild free agent trubisky will walk is a free agent. Is last year I always there last year. I was GONNA say. John Every Metro on because you've got foles has been somewhat injured like I feel like I feel like there's a team out there. That would take a chance on mitch proof I feel bad for that team out I

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