The First Days: Genesis

Knowing Faith


Audience. For Genesis, is crucial and particularly when we get to these first days, we've covered this a little bit already, but it'd be good to just circle back so that we make sure that the audience knows This is who the original audience is for the book of Genesis and so when we're talking about the book of Genesis, we're talking about kind of. Volume one of a five book series called the Pinta toot the first five books of the Old Testament Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers, deuteronomy these books are entrusted. These words are revealed to Moses who is now the representative rescuer and leader for the people of Israel, and they are getting this revelation on the outside of Egypt. They have been rescued from Egypt they have been brought to Mount Sinai and goddess forming then to take them in to Canaan to the promise land that is the original audience. This is post exodus Israel hearing from y'all way creator of the world. So they're hearing a creation story. That predates them significantly, it goes all the way back not just before their time in Egypt but before father Abraham all the way back back back back to the beginning and why is this crucial for us to understand when we start looking at genesis one through eleven that this is who the original audience is. Yes. So one of the reasons Moses writing is because he wants to prepare that they're in that in between space between they've left and where they're headed and so he writes these first five to give them roots and shoots. He wants to root them in. This is where you came from and he wants to give them shoots. He wants to give them something that will hold them steady. In the place that they're going so it's it's the history and the law is the combination that you're gonNA. See there and we talked about in a previous episode about the sort of the classic worldview questions that that these eleven chapters in particular are asking and answering, and as you pointed out Kyle I think that they're not just asking and answering those questions in a vacuum. So those questions of. Where did I come from? Why am I here what's the problem? What's the solution those questions are being asked and answered within the context of where they came from and where they're headed so that they will understand why Israel is a nation set apart yeah. Yeah. That's really good and so. We the roots and shoots thing is that's very valuable. So the story is not just. Oh, you did. Okay. Great I am I. The only one here is not just add living. GOLLY shoot. Now. Yeah. I think that that's really good in it reminds me of something for end of the show friend friend of ours WHO's taught for us in different environments that roots and shoots. Things reminds me of what Jerry. Jones says jt you're gonNA love this quote. You remember it. If he says, your creation story determines the trajectory of your culture. The. Roots and shoots thing where like. Israel is receiving a creation story and jt through this word out in an earlier episode but it's important I think it's important. To capture this creation story, we could call that a cosmology. COSMOLOGY and they're receiving it in in a world of competing. Creation Stories competing cosmology. Jt isn't that right? Like Israel is not just they're not like Ginseng. Story in a vacuum. They're receiving the story in a world where there are other accounts of how this has happened at yeah. Just back up what is what is cosmos? Like? Why do we have the word cosmology? What does it mean? Are you asking me? Yeah, I'm asking you is used it so you should make him to find it. I don't know if he can but I'm pretty sure you know I'm just getting. Yeah. I mean it's just talking about the. Creation of the cosmos of the world like it's it's just a fancy way of talking about the creation account and how to make sense of who is the Creator? What is the creation? What is the purpose of the crater creation relationship? You'd say, yeah, absolutely I mean, in some ways, cosmology would be like theology cosmos is the world the Earth, right? So it's like study of the World Study of the Earth Account of the world words about the world whereas theology is words about God's when we're talking about cosmology or cosmology as we're talking about words about the world, the account of creation or how things came to. Be.

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