Rams, Bears And Jared Goff discussed on NHL: Blackhawks vs. Berlin


Believe now the Rams lead the Bills. 32 to 28. The Rams have now outscored the bills. 29 to 7 in the second half. That hurts Jordan. That hurts for you. It's devastating. You mean hurts. It's me, but that speaks to How explosive a shot McVeigh offense could be. You're right. I said, I felt like this offense is to be a scripted as possible for it to succeed. They don't have the Scrap audible off the cuff type of explosion. Guys like Robert Woods, Jared Goff, staying in his lane and just allowing the game to come to him and making the proper throw and let the receivers and those playmakers on the outside do the work. They've done the work. Yeah, I like this bill team, but they've got to show up in the second half, and I knew this Ram's offense, but they still have the chance to have minutes left Josh Allen, you high on on him that I am. There's still a great chance that he can show everybody who he is hereby make its place but up front Aaron Donald in that defensive line for sex, Okay, let's really quick go to the bears The touchdown by Tio Anthony Miller for the Bears, and they were going to go for two was actually overturned.

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