RTEM: Week 9 Bets

Even Money


I'm really not sure who's going to win this game but I know Saint Louis says the team a slightly better team plus two and a half I have to take the rams to us. I got nothing in this game. I got nothing. I think the Vikings I think these are even teams in my mind I think the Vikings probably win by field goal close game just because they're at I'll give them the three points there because they're at home and I think it's a low scoring game I mean twenty, two, seventeen something like that. So I'm not touching the total I guess if I would lean, I'd probably lean towards Saint Louis getting the points but like I said I think the Vikings probably wouldn't by about a field goal so I got very little in this game. All right rosty Miami Dolphins at the buffalo bills bills minus three. Total their forty four. The bills are getting a lot dudes back. Dude back off of injury most importantly tyrod Taylor while at the same time, the dolphins were just absolutely humbled by the Patriots and their best player got hurt and his out for the season I. Think this is a game that the bills win probably by about a field goal. So this is another one that I'm not gonNA play but if I had to I, would the bills I even though they're laying the three I would. I would lean towards the bills on this one but I'm gonNA pass this game. Has got the dolphins as being still rated the better team even without their great pass rusher but there's a trend out there I want to ask you about this raw buffalo does great against Miami Streak. Why? Against the spread trend wise and the feeling in vegas, it might be a one-way rivalry were buffalo gets up for Miami, and Miami doesn't care about Buffalo. What do you think about that? That's interesting. I know that the Miami game is a big rivalry, two bills fans, and it is talked about quite a bit there because that was really. It goes back to the seventies with OJ Simpson and and the dolphins when they were good and then of course you know Jim Kelly Dan Marino I don't really know that I felt that that much as a player I think I I certainly felt that the fans felt that way. It didn't really have a big impact on me. But it was clear that the fans felt that way about. Whose turn is. Steve Steve Sorry about that Steve Tennessee at New Orleans Saints Minus Eight, the total forty-eight. Boy It sure looks a little bit high to me. I don't really trust Tennessee their stats are fine. But you know you fire head coach I need a reason not to bet on you because the team always gets a bounce Ford from an I'll put a unit on Tennessee plus the gate. That's interesting. I mean breezes playing so well. The problem is the saints defense isn't really playing that well. You know it looks like it'll be more Yoda you're right. They probably will make some adjustments for Mariota for. You, know everything going on with Malarkey, as the head coach man I'm I'm torn on this one. I'm going to pass a third straight game I. Don't think I've ever done that before you know what I take that back. Putting a unit on the under I think Tennessee's I don't still don't see Tennessee scoring very many points and Tennessee's defense is actually pretty good at people don't realize that.

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