RTEM: Week 9 Bets

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So I'll I'll play actually two units pry on the under in this one under forty eight terms of the game, the line I probably I probably, Lean Tennessee like Steve, just because they're getting the and have the boost. Iras the New England Patriots are fourteen point favorites against the Washington. Redskins. Patriots at home the total fifty two and a half points. How about that? I mean. Vegas loves the Patriots and probably rightfully. So they're pretty much automatic. I'm not laying fourteen points. I mean how crazy is not like automatic good dumping money on the reds. I'M GONNA put a unit on the redskins fourteen points. I'm putting one unit on the Redskins to keep a close. And some sobering facts remember that sixteen own New England team. I remember them laying twenty four to the eagles. So fourteen isn't that much I've got him rated eleven points better than an average team. Now, four for home field and Gillette that gets the fifteen already. actually has me leaning New England Ross but I hate laying fourteen. But that's the only way would look lean only. Are Steve the Green Bay packers at Carolina Green Bay minus two and a half points forty, six, the total. What was that by the packers in Denver Wow did I just their power ratings I still have them six points better than average team but frankly I think that the numbers too low when they're in Lambo, it's too high. When they're on the road, they played three road games workmanlike effort against the bears where it's not even a road game. Half the fans are Green Bay fans and unimpressive at San Francisco where capita couldn't complete a pass and of course, the debacle in Denver I'm not that high on Carolina but I'm down on Green Bay on the road I got to play Carolina plus the two and a half one unit. To really interesting game I mean Carolina's undefeated Denver just destroyed the Green Bay packers yet. They've still got the packers laying the points. The problem is you know the packers receivers and I talked about this with Greg Cosell on the Ross Tucker Football podcast today. Green Bay's receivers just could not get open against Denver. Secondary. Now, you've got Luke keithly and Thomas Davis dropping. You've got Josh Norman cornerback yet I can't help. But think after they were humbled last Sunday night that the packers are GonNa come back and play better I guess I'm GonNa, go the other way call it a hunch but I don't feel great about it. I'm going put one unit on the packers I. Think they win the Game and it's only two and a half unit. So I'm betting on Aaron Rodgers greatness in this one to come through plus maybe the law of averages for the Carolina Panthers they got to lose a game at some point they're not. They're not like a fourteen to type team and this would be one that they could potentially lose. So I. Don't know that go spend a lot of my own money on it at a place like Betty. Dot Com, which is the online sportsbook I use what I choose to place a bet they've been around for over

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