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Look at the virus and its relation to school re openings worldwide. CBS's Jim Priscilla has more. The widespread re opening of schools is generally not linked to rising covert 19 cases. That's according to a study of 191 countries by a Zurich Switzerland Educational Foundation. It also concluded lock down closures will leave a 2020 quote. Pandemic learning debt off 300 billion missed school days worldwide. All schools remain closed in 44 nations, Give Krystle a CBS News It's 70 Wait time for Bloomberg business Following rising optimism over financial stimulus talks between the Treasury secretary and House speaker early today, rising skepticism over deals, chances pulled the Dow and S and P lower before ultimately a small rebound. Outfitters, Tiger Bhai 35 s and P up. 18 NASDAQ posted a spike of 159 some hope for the nations John picture of these relative to what we've seen this year. 837,000 Americans applied to receive first time jobless benefits last week.

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