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The SANCHO. And while we're thinking about digital tech for the people instead of mischief his click. Click you'll hear how closest relationships attested. He told me I've been on the Victorian government website and the current ivars testing is boosted the wild history of how nation states exploit pandemics to serve their geopolitical interests, and then they started basically United States of developing HIV AIDS, bioweapon and how wellness can sometimes make you sick click sick obviously I'm not a medical professional. I'm not a doctor. All I'm doing is sitting here and telling you my story and what I did. Hi. I'm Ariel burgle ABC's technology reporter and this is click seek. A new. On science fiction where we tracked down the origins of the dodgy parts videos that have spread during the pandemic we started with your stories, what you've seen out there and sent into us, and that's when my father said Australian scientists have now found out that sunlight is quite effective in preventing covid nineteen. And he people that. Believe getting covid Swab means that you having Microchip implanted into your brain. And then regard digging to hunt down the sources she said and said like she killed herself and that it was all like healthy eating in prayer understand motivations and he said mom, if it wasn't for facebook I wouldn't know anything about this thing. They psychologically prefer. An Evil Plan as he explanation of pandemic. The hidden magic bullet for Piranha, virus there spreading information because they believe it's beneficial to people. Can. You believe conspiracy theory your distrust of the official accounts, your distrust of mainstream institutions, and we're investigating the homes, our lives put on the line. It weighty can lead to unintended consequences either immediately or just this drip drip drip drip over time of people losing trust in institutions and expertise. Why are you? Taking all of their health advice from people who are really good at putting content on the Internet. In the face of an avalanche of misleading and even dangerous information. What can you do now we're realizing what it's like to live in a public square. That has no rules what the WHO describes as an info demonic is very real. Why sharing isn't always caring. Join US full click sake on science fiction from ABC. And ABC science listeners subscribe to Science Fiction Wherever you get your costs and looked click click. Aerial Bogle.

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