Studio at 8 14, and we really wanted the Nuggets win last night didn't get it.


Hole for the Nuggets. They lost 1 14 1 away last night for the Lakers game for the Western Conference finals in Orlando store the night those free throws LeBron James, and after complaining publicly that he wasn't getting enough calls, along with teammate Anthony Davis, each shot 14 charity stripers and the team shot 35 Nuggets of the team only shot 23 the fact that wasn't lost on Denver guard Jamal Murray. They're trying to do the job. Well, I mean, I think it only you could see the people clearly another angel. Are they trying to do a job? Best their body? Much respect. Every time I talk to him, you can ask one. Yeah. Russian, isn't he? Yeah. So Where he had 32 to pace the Nuggets. Davis led all scores of 30 for LeBron out of 26 Game five. Tomorrow night at seven. We will have college football this fall in both the Pac 12 and Mountain West. After was announced yesterday by both conferences, the Mountain West starts October 24th. They'll play an

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