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A 20 minute delay because of an earlier crash and we have a high wind advisory in the ultimate so please drive. Carefully Etienne the westbound direction the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. Apparently, the metering lights are still off. Traffic is thick from the 80 overpass and remain sluggish on the upper deck. North bound Wanna one at Julian Street. We have an accident involving two vehicles in the center Divide. Traffic is slow on the approach. And as you passed seen Etienne the westbound direction after pal, we have a vehicle fire over to the right shoulder. It is now out. CHP office says it still is visible from the eastbound direction and the fire department remains on the scene. Traffic is sluggish as you pass by 1 52 westbound for Dinosaur Point Road in Hollister. We have a two vehicle crash over to the shoulder and you're Bart ride is checking in problem free. Happy, happy, happy.

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