Kamala Harris: Making History

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On August eleven twenty, twenty history was made for the first time. Ever a black woman is on the Democratic Party ticket as vice president and that woman is Senator Kamala Harris earlier in the summer, we looked at what Applied Harris campaign look like from the time that she entered the twenty twenty democratic field last year as the lone black. He was a standout on the day show up the nomination. We'll give our reactions to this story moment and some friends of the show will share their thoughts monumental happening. Don't go anywhere this guy. And January Twenty Nineteen Senator Comma Harris announced her bid for the presidency. These are not ordinary times. And this will not be an ordinary election. But this is our America. Here's spit. On the campaign trail the after struggles fundraising strife insider campaign she decided to drop out of the race in December twenty, nine, hundred and March twenty twenty presumptive Democratic nominee Joe, Biden announced that he would select. As his running mate number of women who are qualified president tomorrow, I would take a woman to be my vice president with four years the US Senate her experience as Attorney General in California and from national campaigning under her belt Harris quickly emerged as the overwhelming front runner, and then the thing we thought what happened finally happened Comma Harris became the first black woman to run for vice president on a major party ticket. is so brady if felt like Biden was dangling this announcement over our heads for months, what was your first reaction to hearing the news? I was not surprised by the collection at all I have complicated feelings about senator hairs she is experienced. She's intelligent. She's Dorte has that. explicable presidential quality that I know is mired in racism classism and sexism but still. She gives up that by earlier this year vitamins like it'll likely be a woman of Color I. think this past summer made it pretty clear that it probably needed to be a black woman to be. They were not about to break out no type of brand new black woman and that people were already familiar with at this current point in time. But curious, how did you feel like? Haven't you? What was your reaction when you first heard the news? Was Really. Happy. I. Wasn't happy just because I. It was commonly hairs I too have very complicated feelings about comma hairs, but I was more. So happy then the movement that I think that black women have been leading for probably decades is finally starting to pay off in terms of power black women have consistently did the backbone of the Democratic Party, the backbone of progressive politics in this country and it hasn't translated to to to power. So to have comma hairs kind of break the ceiling as vp I think that's monumental. We're have to do work of holding Kamla accountable as we have. I, think you know that has already been kind of starting to pay off. Cares about you as a black woman. How do you feel in this moment right now I really don't care about symbolism I care about policy would be oppressed and so like this moment is willing to pass and so I am wary of getting too caught up in thinking of. As being some sort of signal assemble or a savior for us. I just really invested in seen what she has to say with their platform actually looks like at also you know there are still a bunch of possible trump voters who are interested invited that WHO's attention they need to capture I, WanNa see what she has to say and I really WanNa, know and listen to. What she plans to do because for me grass where the real work is done, I think the thing that. Day as candidates, and the honestly everyone needs to be squarely focused on is voter suppression. The Republicans are paths to everything that they possibly can make it more difficult for people to cast their vote. Look this election seems like about to be able whole mess got to be caller is classes a massage in war. Outright lies people talking about is she actually blacks people talk my issue actually Indian this? But these are just our. So we decided to reach out friends of the show just to get an idea of what fair thinking about this moment. Here's a look. When I heard that Joe Biden had chosen Comma Harris as his running mate. I was elated. Let's be honest. This is a complicated election. This is a complicated ticket at the long short of it is I was elated to see a black woman by his

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