Epic-Apple battle finds new judge

Mac OS Ken


I'm starting to think we're GONNA need a playbill to keep up with WHO's doing what and apples fight against fortnight publisher epic Games. I I'm more says the less than a week old lawsuit found the new judge citing a piece from fos patents. The report says epic Games antitrust. Lawsuit. Against Apple has been reassigned to US District Judge Yvonne. Gonzales Rogers. The judge is already presiding over to class action lawsuits against apple that are similar to what epic is suing the company over. Convenience for the court with a heaping helping of inconvenience for. Because of the change, the be says the game maker will now have to resubmit its motion for a temporary restraining order. That's the move I told you about earlier this week that would keep up from kicking epic games out of the APP store and new king it's developer account. Meanwhile assign that apple is taking the fort night fight. Seriously Apple Insider says the Cupertino Company has retained the services of Gibson Dunne for the case. That's the firm that argued apple side of its years long battles with Samsung.

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