2002 Week 14: Patriots vs Bills - burst 12


I could die happy if Troy Brown knows who I am. Or we are. So, old Patriots Dynasty podcast. Yeah. So Hey, busies brown brothers that just love you try. You have to listen to enforce it I. Don't think even allowed to see him right now. Busy at the moment. Those and those guys get tested every single day right now. So, they're in like their own little bubble in terms of in the stadium. So. We're not. I'm not anyway I haven't seen a player. You know so. I'm in no hurry I gotTA. My life we're going through every. CAST around. Brothers. That's right. What can Brown for you? We're going to do a podcast about the Cleveland browns and do browns on Brown's. Gone but there's not many games to tower. I know what your thoughts are on week two, two, thousand, two against Buffalo.

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