Roku and Peacock made nice. Will HBO Max and Fire TV follow suit?

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So going into last week, what was the status quo of the standoff between Hbo Max Peacock on the Streamer side and then Roku and fire TV on the devices I'd. So it was a rollback to May, which was when if you're Max launched was surprise honestly all of us that HP the Roku Fire TV, we're not going to have the HBO AD and. That's still the case today You know it's been said launch. Max's not been on either of those two devices against super popular like you said, Roku TV, they're really the least expensive streamers out there and you could you know so many people have them on TV's on on the street devices themselves. So and then peacock which debuted nationwide in July also didn't have HBO Max and didn't have. Sorry. Didn't have a Roku or fire TV. So again both those major services both you know had a lot of hype leading up to them in both kind of like. You know they're not on these super popular devices. So last Friday that changed and Roku peacocks deal. So finally, Roku owners can watch peacock just like everybody else right. So what are the I'm sure that you it's been similar for you like me I've even people that work at c net with us have message to me occasionally and been like w why can't I watch the streaming service? On my Roku or on fire, you have you been getting a lot of reader reaction to the fact that. We had readers were really like I think a lot of years that are in the know are Kinda like at this point like they're they're they're they. They know that it's an issue in the they do complain about especially when they hear about new stuff on on either service potentially but we had a discussion internally about the editor's choice award, which is something that we give to products. We really like currently our editor's choice product is a roku streaming stare. and. We're like is worth polling this this this award, you know give them a little bit of time still especially going into the fall season, but you know it's a big issue offer us evaluating these products so yet again it was it was a surprise. People are still kind of mystify that these massive services from the media companies they can't agree to deal to just get the basic APP on their devices. So also, can you talk a little bit about? What are people missing out on Hbo Max Peacock in addition to being new services especially with Max been a little confusing for people to understand any way. It doesn't help if you can't watch these services on like the most popular things that people watch the but give people sense. You know what are they missing out on if they are Roku or fire TV users, what are they missing by not having a up until last week not having access to both HBO Maxine PGA While I. Think Big Picture. You're missing more on peacock the Max at least in the beginning because. If. You're a Roku or a fire TV user. You can get the regular HBO APP still. So you can watch you know all the shows that are on HBO succession, which just one. In the EMMYS did really well, all those hbo things there on both Max and regular HBO. The things that you're missing on MACs are primarily friends which obviously is is the big marquee feature there and those Hbo, Max. Originals. So that's on there. If you're if you're Roku or five TV subscriber, you can't watch those my kids really like the elmo show on for example. Like he gets up at elmo goes and does a late night show. It's called the not. So late show with ELMO and You know we watch that on our apple TV you know the one time we don't use Roku our house right off because you can't you can't watch it on the Roku. With peacock I think their catalog is a is a little bit less compelling overall You know it's a less expensive service. It's free. But. Again, you're missing a lot of their back catalogue ABC has or NBC. Sorry NBC shows. law and order Svu as well as a parks and recreation thirty rock big names like that. You can stream on peacock and you can't get those on other services however for example, those are both of those comedies thirty rock in. Parts of the wreck are on Hulu. Hulu Subscriber, obviously, you got Hulu APP on your fire TV or Roku. So you're not missing quite as much I think if you're a again a Roku Amazon Rtd user with peacock. So you know it's it's it's it's very complicated, and then these services have different tiers right so at the end of the day, it's it's hard to Parse it all and you can get a Lotta these shows on different services. If you look around

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