Microsoft purchases Bethesda Softworks in industry-changing acquisition

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Microsoft has announced a seven point five billion. That's billion with a B. deal to acquire Xeni Max media. The parent company of Bethesda Works and it's many studios. Those studios include Bethesda game. Studios ED software and behind some the biggest video game franchises of all time doom fallout elder scrolls and many more. This is a massive this. Tally. This could potentially make. Elder Scrolls xbox exclusive, which I think would be a very bad idea personally now. Is this really not like a conglomerate move I mean that's kind of what it seems to me is like just. John said, I, mean this kind of shuts down. Any gaming wars ever I've the pick up with. that. Franchise of Video Games. Looking at it right now. So here's some of the Games. They have. It's elder scrolls fallout Wolfenstein doom dishonored and pray pray originally was an xbox exclusive. I don't know what is the last release I have no idea dooms on. BLACKFORD is one of my favorite favorite games that you know not just A. Normal but open world style. Dishonored pretty bad, ass. So I'll be completely honest. I would be really surprised if they close platform D- Any of these games just because Microsoft's Microsoft's not stupid you may however I could see Microsoft making him first party priority basically saying xbox gets at first and then after say six months or so many periods of time. Playstation gets now the biggest question is. big into PC as well. So I'm wondering what they're going to be doing with the PC. Rights of Microsoft is still obviously very big and be they released most of their games PC per true. True. So I, don't think they would lean away from that but they don't need you because they're also looking glamour when it comes to the PC's but but as far as the console wars go I'm thinking that they might. You know I, I don't think they're gonNA make an exclusive at least. Yes. I think that might be something that's sort of a future plan down down the road but not going to outright ban half of the fucking people or more even play playstation from playing arguably the biggest game especially for. Elder Scrolls and the fallout series. aside from Bethesda, you have like maybe ea especially with the as sports and activision are are going to be your. Your other top tier triple AAA title giving studios. I mean, Microsoft essentially took a third of the of the triple AAA title fucking throughout

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