Those kinds of things going back and forth between that takes


The youngest woman ever to win outstanding actress in a drama. She's what 24 years old and this for her role in euphoria. And so what did you make of her win history, making history making for the data? Certainly I wouldn't call it all that surprising given her performance. She is consistently the best part of that show. And I'm not saying that the other performers in euphoria aren't up to the task. But she is the backbone of that production. So That doesn't surprise me at all. What does surprise me is how it overcame expectations in terms of what Amy does. So she's in a category. Let's think about this. She's in a category of Sandra and Jody Comer from killing a Jody Comer. One. Laura Linney, Olivia, Call men and Jennifer Aniston. So when we look at all those other heavy hitters like people, I'm sure thinking like, Oh, it's either going to be like Jennifer Aniston or Olivia Colman. That's what makes it unexpected. All right. Finally, I want to ask you about Tyler Perry. He gave a really affecting speech. He won

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