Microsoft Teams getting breakout rooms, virtual commute, and new ‘Together Mode’ backgrounds


Microsoft announced new features coming to teams. Not Space or robots virtual commutes reflecting during commute time can increase productivity twelve to fifteen percent according to Microsoft. But if you're not commuting these days, you don't get that reflective time. So you can schedule a virtual commute on teams at the beginning and end of your day starting in the first half of twenty twenty, one meditation breaks in partnership with head space can be scheduled as part of your virtual commute or as its own break during the day Microsoft says, maybe like right before you do a big presentation Kinda help focus Microsoft. Says, thirty days of head space resulted in a thirty two percent decrease in stress in a study workplace analytics is providing the ability for managers to get data. On workers like after hours collaboration focus time. Meeting effectiveness. Cross company connections all users will be able to use the analytics to get recommended actions for changing their habits to improve productivity and wellbeing. If you unplug at the end of the day, it's going to give you credit. It'll help you reclaim time to focus reduce your meeting overload features like that are coming in October for managers and rolling out to the rest through twenty twenty one. There's also new together mode scenes, coffeeshops, conference rooms, auditoriums, and later this year machine language will scale and center participants better in that together mode. If you're like what's together mode, it's what they use in the NBA Games to put everybody together in the stands. Dynamic view is getting custom layouts for how content shows up during presentations. That's what you're standing in front of your presentation. On the video, you can point to it breakout rooms, the ability to split a meeting into smaller groups, and then you can pop around to the different groups and then bring them back into larger meeting. Later, there's also. RECAPS meeting recordings, transcript chat, and file shared in the meetings chat and attendee registration with automated emails, streamlined calling view and new devices. Some USB peripherals with dial pads, Microsoft team displays which Kinda like an Amazon Echo show but for teams team panels outside of meeting space when you get back into the office. audio codes polly and Yale Link will offer affordable team phones designed for common areas as well. So but stuff coming into teams.

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