In the Bloomberg News Room, who will be tapped to be the next Supreme Court justice? We're hearing three


Who will be tapped to be the next Supreme Court justice? We're hearing three appeals court judges have emerged as front runners Amy Cockney Barrett Barbara Logo and Amul Thapar. The White House is preparing to move forward with the nomination battle to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died yesterday. At the age of 87. President Donald Trump says he's approved oracles bid for the U. S operations of TIC Tac in concept. A deal forced by the president's orders last month, declaring the popular video sharing up was a national security threat. I have given the deal my blessing, Trump told reporters today as he left the White House for a campaign rally in North Carolina. The Chinese government must now sign off on the transaction forward to go forward. Trump said the new company will be called TIC Tac Global. Nbcuniversal reached a deal to have its peacock service carried on Raku devices, adding potentially millions of viewers after agreeing to share at revenue. Earlier Friday, NBC had threatened to stop delivering content to more than 11 of its apse on Roque, who buy this morning, escalating a standoff with the company over its refusal to carry Peacock. But on Friday, the two sides had an agreement and Peacock will show up. Nestle CEO Mark Schneider expects sales of its health and nutrition business to double from five years ago. This as the Swiss company expands and personalized supplements and allergy treatments.

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