President Trump, President And Kayleigh Mcenany discussed on Dave Ramsey


The virus deaths in the U. S. That's the number from Johns Hopkins University. The US has less than 5% of the globe's population. But more than 20% of the reported deaths at the White House press Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany says President Trump is taking this seriously. He works hard puts his head down, and I think that's very evident in the administration's historic response, the largest Mobilization of the private sector since World War two. The fact that we got working therapeutics delivered to the American people, the fact that vaccine frankly this will be the fastest pace for a vaccine for a novel pathogen and history. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the focus should be on science and not politics. Republicans in the Senate are lining up with President Trump to get a vote before Election Day on the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, successor on the Supreme Court. Utah's Mitt Romney says he will vote this is press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany. Senator Romney is recognizing what any of us who take a clear eyed look at president of precedent recognized that the president is on our side here. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says they should wait. We should honor her dying wish. Imparted to her granddaughter that she quote not be replaced until the next president is installed. All the words and income Mia. For Justice Ginsburg from the other side Ring hollow. The topics in the first presidential debate next week will be the corona virus, pandemic and race and violence in the nation Cities. In a speech to the U. N. General Assembly, Iran's president, said the U. S will surrender to the resilience of Iran in a recorded speech. He also compared Iran's plight to that of George Floyd, the Black man pinned to die after a white police officer in Minneapolis pendant to the ground after pressing a need to his neck. And audit shows the University of California inappropriately admittedly 60 for wealthy students over the past six years as favors to donor's family and friends.

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