A Third-Rate Burglary Attempt


This episode Lauren is a third rate burglary attempt. This episode is all about Watergate. I am so excited. I'm so excited and you know what? This is why you decided to pour us a glass of wine. To keep you entertained because honest to God, this is a lot. Old White men doing a lot of crap? Yeah. Well, cheers to that I guess. Here we go. SIP SIP. All right everybody laid on me. Buckle up. The Watergate scandal was a political scandal in the US involving the administration of US President Richard Nixon from nineteen seventy, two to nineteen, seventy, four leading to Nixon's resignation. So okay picture it nineteen, seventy, two President Richard Mille House Nixon was running for re election. The United States is still embroiled in the Vietnam. War. The country deeply divided a forceful presidential campaign seemed essential to the president and some of his key advisors All Right Act one. ooh. Ooh Act one the Watergate. Complex. Here's our key players here. Okay. We have Richard. Nixon. Who is the president of the United States and he is also the Republican nominee for the nineteen seventy two election tricky Dick Tricky Dick. Exactly. We. We also do have George McGovern who is the Democratic nominee for the nineteen seventy, two election although he barely shows up in the store you have to know that he's the he's the Democratic nominee. There's H R Haldeman he is the White House Chief of staff and you have John Erlich men, who is the council in Assistant to the President for domestic affairs? We also have the committee to re elect the president. Do you do you know what this? Committee is often referred to as. Is this like it's like the power four or committee to re elect the president. It is officially abbreviated the CRP, but it is often abbreviated as C. R. E. P. or creep References to that throughout this and creep is I mean yeah it works in this in this case citation, but it is officially abbreviated cr the committee to re elect the president. So in that, some of the key figures are John, Mitchell, who is at this point, the attorney, General of the United States and then he becomes the campaign director. There's Jeb Stuart Magruder, who is a business executive and the acting chairman of the CRP and then a couple of names eubank actually be promoted with G Gordon Liddy he's a former FBI agent and European employee, and there's also e Howard Hunt who is a former CIA agent and CRP CRP employees. All right. Here's the setting. The Watergate complex. K built between nineteen, sixty, three and nineteen seventy-one. The Watergate was considered one of Washington DC's most desirable living spaces. It was popular with members of Congress and political appointees of the executive branch the Watergate Complex actually a group of six buildings in the foggy bottom neighborhood of Washington DC in nineteen seventy two the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee was then located on the sixth floor of the Watergate office building. So the Watergate complex, it was intended to be a city within a city so it was supposed to have so many amenities that residents wouldn't need to leave you know. So they were supposed to have like a post office and restaurant and Jen concierge Oh sure gyms in the seventy everyone's smoked like chimneys died forty eight. Right that's why nobody who lived in the seventies is still around. I always assumed it was just like a single building I didn't realize it was like. Axe So? Yes. There was the Watergate Hotel there was Watergate West and Watergate East, which were like apartment buildings. There's a Watergate office building and there's one of their Watergate apartment building too. So it was a big complex It was actually proposed and built by the Italian architectural firm SGI. And one really interesting. The one thing that I found renders ing is the Vatican was actually a major investor in this project get how. So because of this, the Vatican was at one point part owner of the Watergate until nineteen sixty-nine that's wild. Yeah, right. Whatever the Italian I mean. Come on. The Watergate's popularity among members of Congress, and again, these high-ranking of appointees was very strong and so many members of the Nixon Administration settled there that the DC press actually named it the Republican, Bastille? Wows. Yes. So another group we have to worry about right now are called the White House plumbers. They are simply sometimes called the plumbers or the room sixteen project Jay were covert White, house, Special Investigations Unit which was established within a week after the publication of the Pentagon papers in June nineteen seventy-one. Okay. So the plumbers job was to stop and or respond to the. Leaking of classified information, the news media and just a quick refresher at the Pentagon papers which was officially titled. Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force was a US Department of Defense History of the United States is political and military involvement in Vietnam from Nineteen forty-five to nineteen, Sixty, seven in twenty eleven. This report was formerly declassified and released.

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